Saturday, 14 June 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Additional Information

For those of you out there who simply cannot get enough of the products from TGM, here's a bit of additional information that landed in my inbox just the other day

 Ancient Britons Series

ABC008 Celtic Archer: At long last another addition to our Ancients range in
the form of a British Archer taking aim at the hated Romans! Limited to 100
in number worldwide and priced at $37/£27 inc VAT

CLUB 012: A classic pose showing a fully laden down German infanteer
relaxing before setting off on another forced march, East or West the kaiser
knows best!

Free to all Gunn Club members who spend $150 or more through our website,
limited to 100 in number worldwide

SS013B: The winter version of our Normandy set released last month, going to
look great on a BOB setting or Eastern Front. Two Germans whose war is
definitely over, wait to be taken prisoner by the Allies, one of them looks
like he is in need of urgent medical attention! Limited to 100 in number
and once again priced at $70/£52.00 inc VAT

Opel Fuel Truck SS046: A long awaited addition to our WW2 series in the form
of a 3 ton Fuel Tanker which will look great in any behind the scenes WW2
diorama, be it a Luftwaffe airfield or a tank park with thirsty Tigers
waiting to be refuelled. 
This 3 ton truck was the mainstay of the German
land forces and Luftwaffe and served in every theatre in WW2. The A version
comes in a 2 tone late war camouflage pattern and the B version comes in a
superb looking winter pattern whitewash. Priced at $99/£79.99 and limited to
100 in number for each version

Happy Hunting!

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