Saturday, 21 June 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Some news just in from TGM

Dear All,

Kurt Welter ME262 Fighter Ace Competition

I am very pleased to be able to release the clay shots of our Kurt Welter figure that will be available with the wooden ME262 night-fighter in July.  

This will also be available as a Club figure and will be limited to the normal production run of 100 figures. Its going to be called 'Hoax Call' as some of the more eagle eyed of you will have noticed Kurt Welter is smiling as he phones 'Adolf for a one to one' on the current war time situation. 

Of course it's a conversation that never took place because the phone is not actually wired up and mobile phones as we know, did not exist in 1945! As Welter came through the ranks we figured he would have been more comfortable in gaiters than the more traditional high boots officers generally wore.  

Unfortunately the photographer omitted to include photos of the puppy dog included with this set (well you know we love our dogs here at TGM!) and we had a brainstorm here at the office for dogs names, so far we have the following two as clear favourites:  

1. Messerschmitt

2. Walter

Can anybody come up with anything better? If they can and we choose it then the winner will get a free sample of Kurt with his dog. Sadly the ME262 is not included in the competition prize, before anybody asks!

The dog is a 'small' dog by the way so needs a suitable name for a small dog. Something like 'Fang' or 'Killer' will not sit well with a small dog but would suit a big dog if that's what you wanted to call your big dog!  

If you have posted your answer on Treefrog Forum then there is no need to email a reply as we will have already noted it. For those of you who are not TF members please email your suggestions to me at your earliest convenience.

Best Wishes Vicki Lucas
Marketing Manager TGM

Happy Hunting and
Good Luck! 

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