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Thomas Gunn Miniatures: July Releases

The latest releases from TGM, together with a detailed description of said offerings from Vicki. A word of warning, this is a bumper month with plenty of eye candy to keep you occupied so, let's dive straight in

A good day to you all and apologies for the delay but better late than never as they say! As its our 5th Anniversary we do have a special commemoration set but more about that later, please see below in date order all the great releases available in the next week:
We kick off with the French Foreign Legion which is still our best selling range although I have to say the Zulu war series is not far behind now!

The French Foreign legion

FFL024: A reload figure to add to your fighting square, this time with red trousers, Kepi and Havelock. The red trousers were worn in winter by the Legion or if no spare white trousers were available. As the Legion was at the bottom of the supply chain, issue of new clothing was not a priority unlike bullets and rifles which were always in demand and readily available! Limited to 50 in number and priced at $40/£29.50 inc VAT. 


FFL027: Two more Arabs to add to your attacking force, this time a crouching kneeling forward figure and a kneeling reload figure. Limited to 140 in number and priced at $80/£58 inc VAT for the
2 figures.

FFL028: A classic hand to hand fighting set, a desperate Legionnaire armed with bayonet and clenched fist pauses, ready to launch himself at an attacking Tuareg armed with a nasty looking dagger. Priced at $78/£58 inc VAT and limited to 140 in number.

The Great War

GW027 Thomas Gunn 5th year Anniversary Set: Two Poilus man a St Etienne HMG whilst wearing ARS respirators. A superb looking set which will only enhance your WW1 collection.
Limited to 100 in number and priced at $89/£65 inc VAT.  

GW028A: Two new German infantry in greatcoats and wearing backpacks, one in the kneeling firing position whilst the other fires in the standing position. Limited to 100 in number worldwide and priced at $78/£58 inc VAT for the pair. A gas mask version of this pair will follow soon.  

GW029: Another addition to our Sgt York story, this time in the form of Pte Johnson (All American 82nd) who was one of the lucky survivors of the attack. Here we have him lying down, ready to launch himself forward for the final assault. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

GW030: One Doughboy who did not make it back was Pte Weller also 82nd Division, shot in the face Weller died on the battlefield along with many others from his division. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

GW031: German officer in the prone position takes aim with his Luger, goes great with GW030 above or any other of our Allied casualties! Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

GW032: Dead German officer, probably taken out by one of our Doughboys, lying on the ground and armed with an Artillery style Luger with snail drum magazine. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£28.50. 

GW040: German soldier wearing 'Kaiser gaiters' running forward with ammo box, a superb set that really captures the hurried movement whilst under fire on a battlefield! Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

World War Two

Its been a while since we made any FJ's and we return with a great pair of Fallschirmjager dressed for winter combat and wearing snowshoes, two more unique looking FJ's to follow next month!

FJ011: Standing firing MP40 FJ limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

FJ012: Squatting firing his rifle this FJ makes a low as possible target whilst taking careful aim at the enemy. Once again limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50.

SS035: Something very different this time in the form of a lady French resistance fighter who seems to have some serious relationship issues to resolve! An unlucky German soldier, hands tied behind his back, is entirely at the mercy of this Mademoiselle! Would look great with SS042 Staff car (which can be used without driver) and SS013 dead and surrendering German set. Priced a $78/£58 inc VAT for the pair and limited to 100 in number worldwide.

V Series 013: The Wasserfall Rocket was a surface to air guided anti-aircraft missile designed to be exploded in the middle of Allied bomber formations. Based on the V2 design this rocket was smaller than the V2 but at nearly 26ft long, was still a substantial size weapon. 

Armed with a 306kg warhead this missile would have wreaked havoc with Allied bomber formations had it ever become operational. Although several successful tests were carried out, for some unknown reason the Germans concentrated production on the V2 and only Albert Speer seemed to see the Wasserfall's true potential. 

He is quoted as saying in his memoirs "To this day, I am convinced that substantial deployment of Wasserfall from the spring of 1944 onward, together with an uncompromising use of the jet fighters as air defense interceptors, would have essentially stalled the Allied strategic bombing offensive against our industry. We would have well been able to do that – after all, we managed to manufacture 900 V2 rockets per month at a later time when resources were already much more limited." 

A great addition to our V Series for those of you building a Peenemunde test site. 

Our rocket model comes with a cradle to rest the rocket in the horizontal position, a vertical launch trolley and two figures wearing clothing suitable for a late European summer in the A version or in the B version, winter clothing with a touch of snow on the figure bases and gloves on the hands of the mechanic. The rockets are painted the same in both versions. Priced at $145/£115 inc VAT and limited to 100 in each version. 

Thanks to Neil Smith (UK SUBS) for his ideas, help and support provided with this superb project.    
As it's our Anniversary month we have 2 Club figures this month!

CLUB12A: A German sentry, this time a Stormtrooper variant of GW012 stands ready to move forward at a moment's notice for the Fatherland. Free to all Club members who buy $150 or more worth of goods through us direct, can also be bought now through our website at the same price as other single figures. Limited to 100 in number and likely to be as popular as GW012, get it whilst you can.

CLUB 13 Dead Poilu: An unlucky French infanteer lies dead in his ARS respirator, like millions of other French soldiers he died on Flanders fields, some might question for what and was it all worth it? Limited to 100 in number and not likely to be around for long. 

Available free to Club members who spend $150 or more through our website. If you spend $300 or more on goods on our website you are entitled to both figures free, as a special one off commemoration of our 5th year in the business.  Can also be bought direct through our website at the same price as other single figures.

That, as they say, is that

Happy Hunting! 

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