Friday, 15 August 2014


Well, hello anyone out there and welcome to August. This is a bit of a lazy month for me. I'm on holiday and have not long got back from spending a few days enjoying the hills and rolling countryside of mid-Wales

I thought I'd better get around to writing some posts so here goes. I decided to kick off with some news about a few updates, firstly to the blog page. I've put a couple of links in the sidebar section to YouTube channels I currently subscribe to, one music related and the other a link to a close friend's comedy channel

I now have a Facebook 'persona' and have included a link to my FB page. At the bottom of the blog page you will find an image link to the site where I got hold of the animated Facebook logo from that you will find in my link [I hope they appreciate the plug ;-)]

I've spent a bit of time updating my Amazon Store, adding a few more category pages and selecting a few more items for some of the pages I already created so why not take a look and see if you can spot anything there you like the look of

Finally, I've also 'updated' my collection a little since I posted last by moving the three mounted figures that appeared in my latest additions post to a different diorama. Take a look at the photos

Happy Hunting!

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