Tuesday, 16 September 2014

First Legion: Upcoming Releases

First Legion

New Expected Late September 2014!
Russian Litovsky Uhlans

We are pleased to present the Russian Litovsky Uhlans of the Napoleonic Wars. Uhlans were light cavalry regiments armed with Lances that typically wore a double breasted jacket and Czapka which is the headwear most famously associated with Polish Lancers (or Polish Uhlans). Our presentation of them here includes an officer, an NCO, a Trumpeter, and 2 privates, one with lance and another with a sword and carbine. In their striking blue and fuchsia facings with blue and white pennons.

British 51st Light Infantry

The 51st Light was positioned on the right side of the Allied line at the Battle of Waterloo and was engaged in the area of Hougoumont. We have presented them as a mix of firing line and skirmishing so they can be used both in an open order display as well as shoulder to shoulder in line of battle. With 16 sets totaling 17 figures, the Great British 51st Light Infantry regiment of foot will make a fantastic addition to Waterloo dioramas the world over.

WWI The Great War

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