Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Latest Additions 2

And so to the second of three LA installments and for this one I've chosen to return to some recently released figures from Britains which I featured in a couple of posts last year

I bought them a while ago but again it's taken me some time to get around to snapping them in situ, on the shelf they occupy with some First Legion enemies, on terrain modules produced by David Marshall

The figures in question are those depicting the Brunswick Leib Battalion which fought on the side of the British at Waterloo

Although not depicted here fighting the French they nevertheless make for quite an attractive group of figures and don't look too out of place sharing the same diorama with their FL fellows

Talking of FL, the company make a handful of 'Brunswickers' of their own, depicting the regiments you can just about catch a glimpse of on the left hand side in the illustration below

I'll end this post with a couple more photos of the Britains figures. Ideally I'd like three more and would love WB to make three more variants. Failing that, I'll double up on three already purchased

Happy Hunting!

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