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Thomas Gunn Miniatures: July Germans

New Second World War Germans released by TGM in July, 2015. Enjoy!

New Releases for July!
WWII German

  • FJ020A -- Anniversary Set - Fallshirmjager Team Manning an MG42 - Normandy - Reminiscent of our very first set released 6 years ago but this time with better sculpting and painting! A two figure Fallshirmjager team man an MG42 in distinctive camouflaged Jump smocks and prepare to take on the enemy. Limited to 100 in the Normandy version, 50 of the Winter and also 50 of the Desert version being available. 
  • FJ020B -- Anniversary Set - Fallshirmjager Team Manning an MG42 - Winter
  • FJ020C -- Anniversary Set - Fallshirmjager Team Manning an MG42 - Desert
  • LUFT019A -- Erich 'Bubi' Hartmann playing cards with Theodor Weissenberger - Two of the greatest aces of WW2 with over 550 victories between the pair. A little history below for those of you not familiar with these 2 pilots: Hartmann (in the brown jacket) completed his fighter training in January 1942 and managed to rack up an amazing 352 kills, his last kill being a Soviet fighter on the 8th May, the very last day of the European war.
    Earlier as the war drew to a close Hartmann was ordered to fly to the West to avoid capture by the Soviets, but refused as he had a deep attachment for his ground crew. This was despite him being newly married with a young son waiting for him at home. Hartmann was handed over by the Americans to the Russians, who convicted Hartmann on trumped up war crimes. He was sentenced to 25 years in a Soviet Labour camp and suffered appalling treatment. Eventually the Russians tried to encourage Hartmann to join the fledgling East German Air force, but he refused and was eventually released in 1955. Hartmann joined the West German Air force but left in 1970 due to his concerns over the Lockheed Starfighter programme.
    Hartmann died peacefully in his sleep aged 71 in 1993 and is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest fighter pilots of all time.
    Our second figure Theodor Weissenberger was a Knights Cross recipient with over 200 aerial victories mainly flying on the Eastern Front but with over 30 victories on the Western Front, including 3 flying Fortresses in one day over Berlin. Weissneberger flew a variety of aircraft including the ME 262 in which he claimed 8 of his victories.
    After the war Weissenberger went onto become a racing car driver but was unfortunately killed in 1950 racing on the Nurnburgring circuit.
    This beautifully painted set is limited to 100 in number, a B version with 2 generic Luftwaffe officers in tropical gear is also available but limited to 50 sets worldwide.
  • LUFT019B -- Luftwaffe Officers playing cards (Tropical Gear)
  • LUFT020A -- Rudi Sinner Lighting a Lady's Cigarette - Sinner Man! Rudi Sinner sweeps in for his latest kill whilst offering a light to a pretty young lady with a cigarette, could be occupied France, an airfield or the streets of Berlin. 
  • LUFT020B -- Rudi Sinner Lighting a Lady's Cigarette (Tropical Dress) - the tropical version of the above set suitable for warmer climes or if you simply prefer your ladies in pink! Rudi Sinner was born in Austria in 1915 and enlisted into the Austrian artillery in 1936 but transferred into the Luftwaffe in 1940. He served in the Middle East before being posted back to the West where his final score stood at 39 kills in just over 300 missions. Sinner was awarded the Knights Cross and survived the war despite serious injuries inflicted by USAAF Mustangs in April 1945 when they downed his ME 262. Limited to 100 in the A version and 50 of the B version, these figures will look great in a diorama of your choice. 

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