Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cacti in Scotland

Cacti growing in Scotland? Not in the wild I wouldn't have thought, but if you care to take a trip over to Cowdenbeath and pay a visit to Airsoft World later this month you will see some of these beauties from Cactus Hobbies in the States, arguably the best manufacturers of quirky horror/sci-fi masks for airsofters

The Templar mask in blue.....
.....also available in green, orange and black. These masks are part of the new 'Premium' range just about to be released. "Premium masks feature new washable and removable pads with 'AirFree' Technology. After several painstaking months of research and testing, we have come up with a pad design which prevents heat and sweat buildup while providing for proper air circulation in between the contact areas of the pads and the face."
The Robbery Skull mask
The Salem mask in original flame.....
.....also available in green and blue flame, or plain black with no flame at all
They are currently available on pre-order from the AW website and are estimated to arrive around about the middle of the month. There are 20 masks currently available, so quite a range, all retailing at the same price of £69.99. If you buy one, or two, you will earn reward points, in the same way you do when popping in to your friendly, out of town supermarket. As far as I know, AW are the first, and perhaps the only as I write, airsoft retailer in the UK to offer such a system. I could be wrong, so feel free to put me right if you know any better. Incidentally AW, I'm loving the logo. Very nice indeed!

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