Wednesday, 2 February 2011

GD Recon in Print

Whilst browsing in a local newsagents the other day I happened to see the latest issue of the magazine pictured below, sporting on its front cover a truly atmospheric picture of some of the lads of GD Recon
Some of them live quite local to me and before I discovered the delights of WW2 airsofting I was seriously contemplating joining their living history group. In the end I didn't. I decided I couldn't give enough quality time to both interests and would have to choose one or the other. Choose, I did, and it was airsoft, not specifically WW2 airsoft, that won out. Incidentally, one of the WW2 loadouts I have is a GD Recon/GD Infantry one

Since I've been involved with airsoft, about three years or so now, there has been an increasing amount of 'cross-fertilisation' taking place within the once separate worlds of WW2 'filmsim' airsofting and WW2 reenacting or living history display, with enthusiasts from both sides of the divide discovering the delights that 'the other camp' has to offer. There is an article relating to this very subject in the same issue of the magazine, penned by one G. Harvey, a prominent member of  Comrades In Arms and up until fairly recently a staff writer with Airsoft International. He is also a founding member of PBI, one such 'cross-over' group who portray WW2 British infantry soldiers at both living history and WW2 airsoft events across the country

GD Recon portray, as accurately as possible, rifle men of an armoured reconnaissance unit within the elite ‘Grossdeutschland’ Division that mainly saw active service on the Russian front during World War 2

Members have many reasons for joining the group. Some have a keen historical interest in WWII, some have an interest in the weapons and tactics used, others join for the ‘Kameradschaft’, but the main aim is to share knowledge and research about the conflict and the soldiers that fought in it 

Last year, having been in existence for 5 years, the group became motorised and membership rose to over 25. This year the GDR will be participating in some of the most exciting and respected shows in the UK such as the Bovington ‘Tank Fest’, the English Heritage ‘Festival of History’ and the Victory Show

As you will see from the pictures on the site they attend a wide variety of events throughout the season, from tactical weekends to public displays, and have also taken part in TV & film work as extras

They are always on the lookout for motivated recruits with historical knowledge and a genuine interest in WWII, and especially ‘Grossdeutschland’, so if you have any questions, or are interested in joining a rapidly growing group with a rapidly growing and varied events calendar, go along to one of their shows and have a chat
Failing that, you can always get in touch with the group via the website

Some of the lads pictured at the Battle of Konigsberg event in 2010

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