Sunday, 6 February 2011

February Fireball

This weekend saw the February woodland game at Fireball Squadron, my regular airsoft site. Sadly, I was unable to attend due to family commitments, namely the birth of baby Matthew Charles, so by way of satisfying my need for a regular fix of the hobby I have grown to love, to a degree that almost borders on obsession, I thought I'd take a look at some of the photos put up on the site and share a few with you

Thanks to Nick, aka Blackblood, one of the management team, for snapping these wonderful images

"The rumours are true. Eat enough of the food at this place and this is what happens to you!"

A fellow Fireball member and one of the D-Boys team, Dave 'Pop' Anderson

"Good shot fella"

In the foreground of this shot is another member of the D-Boys team, Steve 'DB-1' Anderson

"I'm sure if I fiddle with this button for a bit longer something will come shooting out the end of this thing"

Hmmm. Is that an Atac Masada I can see there? Nice!

'We've got 'em on the run, lads. Let's go for it"

"Anyone else for a free lunch?"
Sadly, perhaps, free bottles of plonk are certainly not on the menu and there are no club rule changes afoot to make them so. However, one or two club rules were amended this weekend, subsequent to the AGM which was held after the Saturday game. As stated on the website:

Fireball Squadron are pleased to announce that the age limit to play at Fireball woodland games has been reduced to 16 and over. Please bring proof of age, or have a parent drop in, to avoid confusion. Once you have played this will not be needed [in future] as you will be registered with us
(For the time being, Black Ops games and weekend events will remain restricted to 18s and over)

It was also decided that starting in March, 'knife kills' will be allowed as part of the in game rules. I for one welcome this, even though I don't carry anything long and rubber on my person in the game zone, and would argue that anyone stealthy enough to be able to execute such an action ought to be acknowledged and duly rewarded

Looking forward to the next outing, lads. Until then, hang tough

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