Sunday, 6 February 2011

Poor Bloody Infantry

No, not an exclamation of despair, although it could quite easily be one, merely a reference to the WW2 airsoft and living history group mentioned in an earlier post

I'd like to add my heartiest congratulations to the lads and lasses of the group on their being awarded 'Best WW2 Airsoft Group' in the country by the team at 'WWII Re-Enactors Magazine'

Well done, and well deserved. As numerous people, myself included, have already observed 'the walls are coming down'. If that means nothing to you, take a look at the earlier post on GD Recon, and check out the CIA website and forum for further enlightenment

Hope to see some of you around and about soon, chaps. Until then, keep the flags flying

PBI marching at a living history event

One of their number taking aim at an airsoft event

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