Monday, 28 March 2011

Fun!! But Practical?

Hi there. I was put on to this by a fellow Fireball member who mentioned it in a recent post on the members' forum. I just had to take a look at it

The copy below comes courtesy of RedWolf Airsoft and is completely unamended

A blending of a mostly metal AEG with polymer furniture, the M4A1 layout is fairly typical of electric assault weapons and this one is rendered well. Opening up the box, of course the first thing we want to do is load up those shells and start shooting!  

When empty, the bolt locks to the rear and firing can only commence when a loaded magazine is inserted and the bolt catch is pressed to release the bolt into full battery. Conversely, a single round can be entered directly into the breach if you wish.

As a Japanese manufactured weapons it is limited to a Japanese legal restriction thus shooting at 280fps but as a shell ejecting weapon you will more then likely wish to keep this indoors anyway and so that low power is probably just as well.

Despite the fairly heavy bolt pull (for an Airsoft weapon), the weapon cycles at a very decent cyclical rate. On semi, it shoots almost as fast as you can tap it and on full auto it is not that much slower then the real thing.

We tested it quite a bit and found no jams or stoppages but as a shell feeding weapon it is perfectly capable of jamming on occasion and will do so much like the real thing (double feed, stovepipe, etc.). This is unlikely though as the nature of an electric weapon means the forces and cycle times involved are far more consistent than gas pressure systems (at least until the battery runs down anyway).

The weapon runs on an 11.1V 850mAh Lithium Polymer battery (not included) which is rear wired to the stock. The weapon does not come with a charger either so do be sure to pick up a balanced LiPo charger and battery if you do not have them already.

Not too dissimilar to Systema PTWs, this electric weapon field strips a lot like the real thing as the mechanism features and actual bolt rather then just a dummy plate as found on many electric blowback weapons.

Like many other shell ejecting weapons, the TOP M4 works well as a fun novelty weapon and also proves to be a much safer functioning weapon replica for theatrical and film work in place of blank firing weapons which are still dangerous. Other then that, of course, we can attest to the simple fact that it is a whole lot of fun just to plink with it and watch those shells fly! 

I must say it looks lovely and the thought of firing it is totally appealing, however, how practical is it as a skirmishing weapon? You can hardly walk round all day picking up empty shell cartridges, and the idea of running around with a shell catcher somehow strapped to the gun doesn't seem very practical either. Besides, how well do those things work anyway? I reckon a lot of the shells would still need retrieving from the mud and undergrowth!

I have a Marushin shell ejecting Kar98, which I love to bits. It's great fun and 'feels' like the real deal but as a skirmishing weapon it's a non starter. I also love the idea of one of these, but wouldn't want to use it in the field

So, back to the original reason for this post. I simply love the idea of it, and if my Fireball friend buys one, and he says he is seriously thinking about it, I will be first in the no doubt very long queue to try it out! I'm sure I'll love it! But then there's the price tag. In USD, we're talking over 630 notes, and then there's the fact that it runs on a Lipo battery, not everyone's cup of tea, and for me it would mean a new charger, and then there are the spare mags, each of which requires 30 shells to fill.....

Would the huge grin it would almost certainly paint on my otherwise sombre and solemn fizzog be worth that kind of outlay? I'll take that one to bed with me, and contemplate! I'll leave you with these

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