Saturday, 26 March 2011

Mamluk Magnificence

We have the crusading Christian knights, and now we have the enemy to range against them. First Legion have just released the first wave of Mamluks and, I'm sure you'll agree, they are truly magnificent

Here are a few words, slightly amended, of advertising copy from the manufacturers, together with a few more images in addition to the ones I posted in a previous blog

We are very pleased to announce the start of the pre-order for the highly anticipated Mamluk Army for our Crusades range!  Figures CRU026-CRU037 are the first of the Mamluk Army which conquered Acre in 1291, putting an end to the Crusader state in the Holy Land. We will add to the range over the coming months with more Mamluks and the first of the mounted Crusaders for the range, two of which can be sneak previewed on the Crusades category page. With the superb sculpting and painting you've come to expect from us, the Mamluk army and all of our Crusaders will make fantastic additions to any serious toy soldier collection!

I couldn't agree more. I have included images of the two mounted Crusaders referred to towards the end of this post, so you can see them here, too

Mamluk standard bearer

A selection of Mamluk warriors with swords and rather intricately sculpted and painted shields

Two Mamluk warriors with mace and shield

An officer with flag. This figure is also available without the banner

Mamluk warriors with a variety of weapons

As promised, here are a couple of images of the mounted Crusaders as they appear on the FL website

As if this little lot wasn't enough, FL are also due to release new figures for a number of other ranges including their ACW, American Revolution, DAK and Napoleonic series' and to top it all, they have also announced the birth of yet another brand new range. Take a look at this

First Legion is pleased to announce our latest 1/30 scale figure range, The Glory of Rome!!!  The Romans dominated the ancient world for a period of at least 700 years. Our initial foray will be Imperial Romans and their Ancient German adversaries doing battle in the 1st and 2nd century AD. What this means is detailed coverage of not only the Imperial Romans, but their Germanic and other enemies as well, fully brought to life with the world class sculpting and painting that has become our hallmark. So please enjoy the advanced sneak peek of the initial figures.

Legio I Minervia was raised by the Emperor Domitian in 82 AD for the war against the Germanic Tribes.  This Legion participated in a wide variety of conflicts including the Dacian Wars under Trajan/Hadrian, the Parthian Wars under Verus, and the Germanic/Marcomannic Wars under Marcus Aurelius, the final battle of which was featured in the opening of the film "Gladiator."   Though we are releasing them as Legio I Minervia, in reality the figures are suitable to depict any Roman Legion between the early 1st century AD through to the period of the Late Roman Empire.

I can't wait to see some of these, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to. Pre-ordering is due to start towards the end of April, so they won't be around for a while yet. With the Germanic connection, I'm going to be very sorely tempted to buy some of them!

Finally, one more Mamluk for your delectation, looking every bit the victor in this mini vignette

All the Mamluk and Crusader figures can be ordered through TM Terrain and are due to arrive in the country towards the end of April

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