Friday, 5 August 2011

The Marco Polo Collection

At this year's Chicago Toy Soldier Show it was announced, officially, that Figarti and Aero Art would be embarking on a joint venture to produce a series of toy soldiers sculpted in Russia and manufactured in China

Dear Collectors,

The Aeroart/Figarti partnership is something that has been in discussion for over a year. Remember at one point I coded the project as Project "MP", which stood for Marco Polo

Basically, the alliance or rather partnership, is all about figures sculpted in Russia but manufactured in China. It is an honour to work with Aeroart and I think this is a win win win for everyone in the industry. Aeroart benefits by working with a trustworthy partner that can help with lowering manufacturing cost and produce high quality products. Figarti benefits from extending itself into other eras as well as having the opportunity to learn from the best in sculpting and painting. Collectors benefit because now you can buy top quality products at a reasonable price. The Marco Polo line is completely separate from Figarti and will be a line that Aeroart will take the lead in. As for pricing, it will be Aeroart's decision but I have been told it will be reasonable and competitive

The initial launch will be a civil war cannon set. But Aeroart has tremendous resources in sculpts and subject matter, so Marco Polo has the ability to enter any era

We look forward to this partnership


The images below show some of the ACW prototypes on display at the Chicago show

People are already discussing this exciting development on a variety of forums, including the Toy Soldiers Club forum and the Treefrog Treasures forum

It will certainly be interesting to see how this develops, especially in light of the fact that First Legion have already set this particular ball rolling with their delightfully sculpted and intricately painted figures, on sale at half the price of the St. Petersburg models

As far as I can tell, there is nothing further to look at on either of the companies' websites but if you'd like to join in with the conversations or simply look at what people are saying then you know where to go

We will wait with bated breath to see what happens next

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