Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Latest Additions

Hi there. A quick post about the most recent additions to my collection of K+C Waffen SS and Berlin '38 figures

Last month, as usual, I posted about the new releases and latest retirements from K+C and in that post I referred to the fact that they were retiring the set of three Waffen SS press men, pictured below

As yet, I haven't placed these chaps in a diorama as I'm waiting on a couple of other things to 'complete the picture', as it were!

When I bought them, I also purchased some additional figures for my Berlin '38 street parade diorama

LAH 116, marching rifleman, front and rear views

Marching LAH officer

A marching Sepp Dietrich

As with the above mentioned 'press gang', these figures have yet to be placed in their finished diorama as I am waiting on the release of the matching banner bearer and two more figures to flank him

The images below show the 6 figures I purchased in front of the Nuremberg podium model and give some idea of how good they look together

When complete they will form a group of 9 marching figures placed at the rear of the Berlin street scene and I will post one or two more pictures of them when they are placed in position

Roll on September and the release of the matching banner bearer!

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