Sunday, 14 August 2011

Thomas Gunn Miniatures

What landed in my inbox the other day, amongst other things, was the latest newsletter from Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Once again, the company has managed to produce a varied and interesting set of releases. Not only are they well sculpted, painted to a high standard and very keenly priced, the subject matter of the sets is well chosen being, at one and the same time, complimentary to the product lines of other major WW2 manufacturers yet a little bit different

Included in this release are the company's first two vehicles. The first of many, I'm sure

Dear Gunn Club

Septembers releases will be ready in approximately 2 weeks to be shipped from UK
although a small amount are ready for customers who cannot wait. If you are
one of those, feel free to drop me an email and buy your fix now!

SS006A Krupp Truck Normandy version with 3 figures. All figures are removable
and it comes with spare steering wheel and spare helmet to fill hole in back
seat when firing figure is removed. Limited to 200 sets with a price tag of $175

SS006B  Krupp Truck in Hermann Goring colour scheme suitable for North
Africa or Italy, limited to 100 sets worldwide and priced as above
USA001A WC54 Dodge MP Wagon, Normandy version with 1 driver figure. Priced at
$135 and limited to 200 sets worldwide. Approximately 200 of these vehicles
were produced during WW2 and used by the MP and Signals troops where they
gave sterling service

USA001B Winter 1944 version and limited to 100 sets worldwide. Heavily
weathered for the cold, dirty conditions encountered by Allied troops during
that winter, this version is bound to be highly sought after!
PARA004 The Vickers MG set comes with 1 figure and is suitable for Normandy or
Arnhem. RRP is $49 and it is limited to 200 sets worldwide
COMMANDO 001 This Vickers MG set is limited to 100 sets worldwide. Army Commandos
operated throughout the war and wore Denison smocks from Normandy onwards

PARA006 This Para Sniper Set comes with 2 figures and is suitable for Normandy or
Arnhem. RRP is $64 and limited to 200 sets worldwide. Whilst the number 1
takes aim on an unlucky German, his number 2 guards his back with a Sten gun
fitted with a silencer. Anybody who stumbles upon these 2 will be dealt with
in a silent but deadly manner!

COMMANDO 003 Sniper set, as above, but limited to 100 sets worldwide

SS017A The Raiders. This comes as a 2 man SS figure set suitable for use as a
waterborne raiding party, or perched on top of a tank, or as part of any other dio
to be honest! 200 sets available worldwide and RRP is $64. [Please note the
dinghy is not included with this set and needs to be purchased separately]

SS017B Brandenburgers. As above but limited to 100 sets worldwide

Like the vast majority of TG releases, these are sure to sell out very quickly. Best to get them on pre-order asap!

Happy hunting!

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