Saturday, 20 August 2011

Terrain.....but no Toy Soldiers!

It is the early hours of Saturday, 20th August and I have not long returned from an enjoyable holiday in Wales. We had a very pleasant few days sightseeing in and around Aberdovey and Tywyn, however, whilst there I received an email from Dave at TM Terrain informing me of some disappointing news

Some of you may already have heard, or read, that Dave and Mark are no longer going to be selling toy soldiers as part of their business. Rather than summarise the announcement, I thought I would reproduce it here:

This is a release we have sent to Treefrog Treasures (a toy soldier forum):

Some of you may have heard that TMTerrain has lost the JJD dealership so we can no longer buy figures from John. Mark and I were very disappointed when John told us and it dramatically affects our business. John's ranges made up around half of our toy soldier sales and his monthly release schedule helped a great deal with cash flow. Now that this has gone, and the fact that the terrain side of the business is going from strength to strength, we have decided to stop selling toy soldiers altogether
We have arranged for the new JJD dealer to buy all our John Jenkins stock from us so from Monday evening we will be stopping the sale of John’s figures altogether
We also have stocks of First Legion, Collectors Showcase and W Britain's. We plan to sell these off at 20% discount from today. Our web site still has the full prices listed but we will sort that out over the next couple of days. If you do want anything then ring us so we can sort it out over the phone. When the prices are done on the web site then you can buy using our online store as normal
The web site lists what we have in stock. Items will disappear off the site as we sell them and that will be it so if you want a deal on First Legion, Collectors or Britain's get in touch with us quickly
We expect to sell off the last of our stock at the Birmingham and London shows before Christmas so you will also be able to see us there
Finally, although TMTerrain will no longer be selling toy soldiers once we have sold off our stock, this does not affect the terrain building. Mark and I set up the company about 10 years ago to make terrain so we will have really just done a full circle but we now have all that experience under our belt and the dioramas we are making just get better and better. We plan to be around for many years to come! [Huzzah! Ed]
May we take this opportunity to thank all our customers over the last 4 years. It has been great fun selling toy soldiers to you. We hope we did a good job for you. Hopefully we will continue to see you and talk to you when you want a diorama! [You certainly will, Dave. Ed]
So, there you have it. I for one was very disappointed to hear the news, however, good to know that the terrain making side of things will remain unaffected. I have plans for a number of other commissions I would love them to undertake so, onwards and upwards guys!

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