Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Beau Geste Digest

OK, time for some more news from Argentina. Thanks go to Martin Ainscough, BG's UK distributor, for the latest edition of his newsletter


New Delhi Durbar Sets from Gwalior

Dear Collector,

Well the wait is over, and the Gwalior Groups are ready!

These latest additions to the Delhi Durbar range consist of two Escorts & a Music Courtship group to accompany the exquisite Gwalior Elephant. The Gwalior State Elephant played a prominent role in the Grand Procession and was positioned on the left hand side of the parade when it formed up on the morning of 29th December 1902

Set number 317, Parasol and Emblem carriers, priced at £108

As can be seen from the above image of set No 317, these figures set new standards and will certainly enhance any Durbar collection in 54 mm scale. Sets 318 & 319, which feature the Escort Guards & the Music Courtship Groups, are equally impressive 

Set 318, the Escort guards

Set 319, the Music Courtship group
Like Set No 317 the Gwalior Escort Guards are priced at £108.00 plus the usual post and packing charges, while the Music Courtship set, being 10 figures in total, is slightly more expensive at £182.00. These three new sets continue Ana’s quest to reproduce the main procession from the Delhi Durbar in its entirety

As I hope you can see from the photos of the Gwalior Groups the bright and colourful uniforms of these figures add to the overall spectacle of the Durbar! Also for the very first time, and as an incentive to collectors, Beau Geste are offering a special promotion for the first 10 orders that they receive for all the Gwalior Groups (sets 317, 318 and 319). Two exclusive figures (pictured below) will be added to the order free of charge when the order is confirmed. I for one hope that this idea proves to be popular and that Beau Geste decide to do it again with forthcoming new releases!!

The bonus figures, free with the first 10 orders they receive for all three sets

The Parasol and Emblem carriers set displayed alongside the Gwalior elephant

 Happy hunting!

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