Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Latest Additions: Trees from JG!

I've been meaning to buy some scenic items from JG Miniatures for quite a long time now, and a few weeks ago, around about the beginning of August, I finally got hold of some trees courtesy of the good lady wife who agreed to buy then for me as a present for our 5th wedding anniversary. If you think that sounds like a strange present, there is a reason for it, other than the fact that I was desperate for some additional scenery for my dioramas, since the traditional material associated with 5th wedding anniversary gifts is, you guessed it, wood!

I've placed a small silver birch tree here to reflect the wood pictured in the scenic backdrop. I'm planning on putting a second one next to it

Here I've placed two trees, one a mountain ash and the other a bush oak, to mark the beginning of a small copse
Still lots to do before the Napoleonic diorama is complete. More trees to buy, some long grass and maybe some bracken to help blend everything together, and there are other dioramas, too, that I'm currently working on

John has been busy as well, designing more and more items to help us dress our toy soldier displays

A wood and earth defensive position for standing riflemen and artillery pieces

Universal telegraph poles for use on both rural and urban roads

A series of new pieces that together can be used to construct complex trench systems

I'll certainly be dipping in to my pockets for some of these for one or two street scenes I'm working on. Nice!
Happy hunting!

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