Thursday, 15 September 2011

King and Country Dispatches

What can I say, the demands of being back at work have meant that I've been persuaded to let one or two things slide, including the blog

K+C announced their latest batch of releases and retirements some time ago, just over a fortnight ago to be precise, so this is somewhat overdue. So overdue in fact that you've almost certainly seen it all already

Nevertheless, here we go again. Finally out and on the shelves so to speak, the Hawker Typhoon and accompanying ground crew, the AK commandeered Morris 15cwt truck, a handful of D-Day military police and general staff figures and the Luftwaffe conference set. Available later in the month, the Eisenhower staff car set and all the Berlin '38 figures featured in last month's post

Coming in October, 7 figures and an architectural feature heralding the arrival of a brand new series entitled 'Ancient Greece', 9 new figure and vehicle sets for their 'Back to Bastogne' series including a charming little vignette featuring a GI 'chef' knocking up a well deserved pot of stew, a second version of the Morris truck this time painted in a more traditional RAF livery,  a handful of reinforcements for the recent Gordon Highlanders range and a second bomb damaged building to go alongside the French cafe already released. Enough there to tickle most peoples' taste buds I shouldn't wonder!

Hoplite officer with sword

Hoplite advancing with spear at 45 degrees

Ancient Greek entranceway

The ubiquitous jeep, but probably one you've never seen before! Armour plate protects the front of the engine as well as three sides of the driver/ passenger area. A 30 cal. machine gun is mounted on a pole next to the driver.
 The vehicle has also been "snow" camouflaged with a rough coat of whitewash.
 Note the "snow chains" on the wheels... a nice little extra touch

Sitting by the cooker this GI prepares a hot meal for the rest of his platoon. He's taking no chances though... he still carries his MI over his shoulder. Is that because of the Germans... or is he worried his buddies won't like his cooking!!!

A great little vignette of a French Cuirassier capturing the Regimental Flag from a wounded officer, while a guardsman wheels around to attack the Cuirassier (or his horse)

This is the second release of the new Normandy Village buildings and, as you can see, this is taller than the SHOP HOUSE and has endured considerably more battle damage.
 These pieces are full of great detail and can be used in a variety of displays and settings for both First and Second World War figures and fighting vehicles

Finally, but by no means least for collectors like me who tend to prioritise these pieces, heading for the hills this month are the Eighth Army band, half a dozen Crusader figures, the Texan artillery set, a Napoleonic vignette and a couple of foot figures, the AK Panzer IV, a couple of ACW figure sets, as well as three HK sets, General Foch, and this little beauty, the motorcycle and side car combo from the Berlin '38 series

Three of these should be winging their way to me all the way from Canada within days of this being posted. Once here they will take pride of place at the forefront of my 'Nuremberg podium' shelf display!

That's about it, folks. Happy hunting!

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