Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Collectors Showcase: New German Releases

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Having had a bit of a break from blogging, I feel refreshed and rearing to go and the release of figures like these from TCS makes me all the more eager to get going again

This company really has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and they are releasing some fabulous stuff. So far, I have only bought their vehicles because I think their foot figures look a little too different to blend in well alongside my K+C infantry. Such silliness stops right here, right now! There are figures in this recent batch of releases I simply must have!!

The first two of my 'must have' figures. I don't have any of their Berlin '38 figure sets at the moment but I reckon these two gents would look pretty cool standing at the steps of my Nuremberg podium! These will be selling in the UK for around £50 a pair

The rest of the Berlin '38 foot figures, none of which I'm particularly hankering after, but I have to say they look very smart and at around £25 a pop, very good value for money. On the subject of good VFM..... about these? Two more additions to my 'must have' list, I like these very much. K+C produce the MC combo, and the SS biker resting his foot on the floor, both now retired pieces, but here we have single MC riders in full flight! Does £70 each sound reasonable? Yes please! I can see them now, leading a small motorcade out through the gates of the barracks!

Still they come! Following hot on the heels of a very similar vehicle recently released by another well known manufacturer, is this little gem which comes complete with accessory pack, and a removable canopy and driver

The Raupenschlepper comes in a winterized version, too, as is customary with TCS, and will be retailing at around £120

You may have noticed the little gun being towed behind the Normandy version of the Raup. Needless to say, this isn't included in the price but comes as an additional set together with three crew figures, an ammo basket and some spent shell cases, all for around £125 in the UK. Gorgeous!

Normandy and winterised versions of the Pak 75 AT gun

Finally, here are a couple more £50 foot figure sets depicting some of those hard pressed Waffen SS panzer-grenadiers enjoying a moment or two of respite. I simply love the way these figures have been posed and sculpted

These are most definitely on my hit list. Woof, woof! Happy hunting!

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