Saturday, 8 October 2011

Figarti: Recent Releases

Just thought I'd post a few images of some recent releases from Figarti. I'm really looking forward to Sunday 23rd October when I will be collecting my very first Figarti model from Grey Goose Collectables at the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show

Figarti are renown for their large, and somewhat leftfield, pieces and if you like that sort of thing then you'll probably fall in love with this Fries Gantry Crane immediately

The Gantry Crane, minus V2 rocket and Tiger tank of course, is available from GGC and priced at £195
I don't really have the display space for such an item, nor a suitable diorama to place it in, but I could certainly make room for both of the following pieces

A Tri-Camo Flak 88mm with three crew figures, priced at £235

Three images of their Flak 88mm fixed to a Panzer IV chasis. This particular monster is crewed by a lone Hitler Youth during the last, desperate days of the Reich. It would sit very nicely alongside my K+C Fall of Berlin figures! Priced at £195

While we're on the subject of big guns, how about this little beauty? The Collectors Showcase have recently released a Normandy Wespe and I'd like to think this would compliment it very well. However, I'm not so sure it would as the latest range of TCS vehicles have been sculpted 'oversize', that is to say they are closer to 1/28 scale than they are 1/30! Annoying, but true, as anyone who owns both of their Tiger 1s will be able to testify. Their latest version, the 007 numbered tank, is markedly bigger than the previous version, the 222!

Figarti's Normandy Nashorn, yours for a very reasonable £210

Below is a picture of the kind of vehicle that most manufacturers simply don't make, and yet it's the sort of thing that, in my opinion, would breathe life into any diorama. A logistics vehicle, by no means the most dramatic item to find room for but, without which any army would be unable to function and, given the problems the German army were having keeping their armour supplied with fuel towards the end of the war, important from a 'storytelling' point of view and well worth having as part of your collection

Tri-camo Normandy Opel Blitz fuel truck, priced at a £125

Finally, but by no means least, this is the vehicle I will be picking up later in October. The plan is to have it nestling behind my Collectors Showcase 222 numbered Tiger 1 as part of a Michael Wittmann diorama still in the process of completion

Tri-camo Normandy Panzer IV, marked up as part of the Panzer Lehr Division, one of which accompanied Wittmann and his Tiger 1 during the initial assault on the Allied armour in Villers Boccage. Available from GGC and priced at £200

Happy hunting!

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