Monday, 10 October 2011

First Legion: New Releases

First Legion have announced a number of new releases this month including a couple of mounted personality figures for their ACW range, General John Reynolds and General John Buford, and a Mamluk scaling ladder for their Siege of Acre series, complete with two climbing warriors, swords drawn and ready to attack

A scaling ladder, naturally, needs something to be propped up against to be scaled. FL will soon be providing this as well in the form of the first four releases of their modular city walls and towers, representing the besieged city of Acre

They have been promising a number of mounted Crusaders for some time and, indeed, two of them have been occupying pride of place on the Workbench page of their site for a while now. Open up the latest edition of Toy Soldier Collector and you will see on the inside cover a very lovely full page advert for FL featuring no less than five mounted Crusaders, three of which don't appear anywhere on their website as yet!

Please forgive the relatively poor quality of the last two pictures, but they were taken with my i-phone as I held the front cover of the magazine open with my other hand! I'm sure they're good enough to give you an inkling of what the final figures will be like, when they are eventually released. Really looking forward to that one!

In the meantime, happy hunting!

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