Monday, 10 October 2011

Beau Geste Digest

For all you glossy figure lovers out there, here is the latest news from across the pond in Argentina, courtesy of Martin Ainscough
Issue 9

New Delhi Durbar Kapurthala Elephant unveiled in Chicago!!!

Dear Collector
A shorter version of the newsletter this time to bring you all the Beau Geste news following the OTNS held in Chicago in September. I do hope that you still find it interesting and of course a set or figures that just might tempt you to add to your collection

Well as promised the latest elephant to join the ranks of the ever-increasing choice of sets and figures that collectively make up the Delhi Durbar range of 1903, the State Elephant from Kapurthala, was unveiled at the Chicago show

This new set consists of the Elephant of course in all its finery together with the mahout and his esteemed passengers plus servants ready to respond to their Master’s every request

Close up view of the latest Durbar Elephant’ and esteemed dignitaries - £546.00 plus post and packing
The new Elephant was not the only new Durbar set to make an appearance in Chicago as a new Music Courtship Group from the Patiala region was also unveiled for the first time at the show

Also showcased for the first time in Chicago was the eagerly awaited mounted Band of the Polish Lancers from World War 1. Resplendent in their colourful uniforms the complete band is depicted on grey/white horses which must really have been a sight for sore eyes! Thanks to an eagle eyed collector at the show a close up photo of the band is included below to give you an idea of the quality of this particular set. The complete band comprises 9 figures in 3 sets of 3 mounted bandsmen and they are priced at £162.00 for each set of 3 figures 

Close up of the Polish Lancer Mounted Band from the Chicago Show

The other ranges of figures that collectively make up the Beau Geste stable were not forgotten either with the addition of some long awaited mounted Sioux Indian figures, to continue the story of the Grattan Massacre from South Lands Miniatures, being showcased for the first time. It is to be hoped that this theme – the American Indian Wars - is continued along with whatever the next range of figures from South Lands might be

Not to be out done, Laura Cuello’s charming Sweet Moments range of figures has also been supplemented with the release of a series of female civilian figures indulging in a game of hoop-la on the beach to add to the existing figure range depicting a segment of Victorian Civilian Life
I will bring you more information and photos of the Polish Lancer Band, including some of the regiment’s history, plus the new figures from both South Lands Miniatures and Sweet Moments in issue No. 10

In the meantime, for more information on my current stock levels or inquiries about ordering figures then

Telephone – 01245 472468

The Kapurthala elephant in all its resplendent glory, together with one or two of the photos that inspired this beautiful creation

Happy hunting! 

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