Wednesday, 2 November 2011

King and Country Dispatches

Early November and time once again for news of the latest batch of releases and retirements from K+C

As usual, a number of sets previewed in last month's post are now available for sale, or will be very shortly, and in addition to those a number of new arrivals have been announced for December, traditionally quite an expensive month for many collectors, myself included

To find out what K+C have in store for you this month simply take a look at the images and information below and for more details take a look at the company website

First up, we have some Romans for their 'life and times of Jesus' series. There are five of these in total, as well as one or two more civilian figure sets to add to the range, all available in December, just in time for Christmas

Sticking with the Middle East for a moment, they've also announced the release of this tremendous trio of French crusaders, including the King himself

French royalty and nobility played an important role in all of the Crusades, fighting alongside, and sometimes leading, the armies of Christendom in their mighty struggle to regain the Holy Land.
 These figures represent the first of many more to come

Philip went on the "Third Crusade" (1189-1192) with Richard the Lionheart of England. His army captured the important citadel of Acre in 1191 before ill-health forced his return to France.
 The K+C mounted figure shows him greeting his soldiers and wearing the traditional blue surcoat decorated with the royal "fleur de lys"

He is accompanied by two retainers both carrying versions of  the King's personal standard

From knights of the field to knights of the skies, K+C are releasing the next in their series of fabulous flying machines, this time in the shape of a Luftwaffe Bf. 109, one of the most iconic aircraft of WW2

This "E" model 109 is in the personal markings of Oberst Werner Molders, one of Germany's most famous and highly decorated fighter aces. Molders, who had previously flown in the Spanish Civil War, would go on to have 115 "kills" to his credit before himself being killed in an air crash in 1941.
The aircraft we have portrayed is one Molders flew when he took command of JG51 in July 1940. At that time he was the Luftwaffe's youngest "Kommodore". His best friend was another top German ace... Adolf Galland.
 Just 500 of this particular aircraft are being produced

LW046 Oberst Leutnant Gunther Lutzow, another of Germany's leading fighter pilots

LW047 Kommodore Helmet Wick. Wick achieved 56 victories before and during the Battle of Britain... Promoted to "Kommodore" and given command of JG2 he was shot down and drowned in the English Channel in November 1940

For those of us who like to flesh out our dioramas with the occasional architectural or logistical feature, and the more universal they are the better, I reckon K+C have come up trumps with this little bell tent which can be utilised in an array of different time periods and theatres of conflict. Standing next to it in one of the images below are a handful of new releases for their WW1 Australian Light Horse range, and very nice they look, too!

Last, but by no means least, this month I thought I'd include a list of all the retirements. Fortunately, nothing here for me to worry about buying, and that's seriously good news. With a young family and a stamp collection to buy for, oh and half a dozen Waffen SS cavalry figures by Thomas Gunn that I made a down payment on at the recent Birmingham Toy Soldier Show, the next couple of months are likely to be expensive

In all seriousness, having finally been wooed by the delights of TG and Figarti, as well as being an ardent fan of First Legion and TCS, I've decided to further limit my K+C collection to the Berlin '38 and Fall of Berlin ranges, so in future, any purchases of Normandy SS figure sets will be based primarily on the novelty value or uniqueness of the set

So, without further ado, here are the retirements for November:

AK049 "AK Tank Riders Set"
AK052 "FunkKraftwagen Afrika Korps"
BBA029 "G.I. Drinking"
BBA036 "Half-Track Passenger"
BBG011 "Command Group"
DD116 "Cromwell Mk. IV Tank"
MK030 "Saracen Drawing Sword"
MK031 "Sacacen Crossbow Ready"
MK046 "Knight w/ Axe"
NA086 "Scots Grey Slashing"
WS083 "General Hasso Von Manteuffel"
WS085 "Moving Forward"
WS086 "Prepare to Fire!"

Happy hunting!

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