Monday, 24 October 2011

The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show

Yesterday I took a trip along to the 21st Birmingham Toy Soldier Show and, notwithstanding the utterly awful traffic problems caused by the occasion of the BUPA sponsored 'fun run', had a lovely time

I didn't take any photos this year but if you read my review of last year's show then you'll know what it's all about

I was a little worried, given the current economic climate, that the event might be noticeably less well attended, by both traders and punters alike, but far from it. Most of the traders who attended last year had returned and the buyers were out in force, too

I overheard several customers talking to dealers saying that they really appreciate the show because they live locally and found getting down to the big shows in London a bit more difficult. I certainly agree with that. I haven't actually been to any of the London shows yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time until I do, however the Birmingham show is really handy for me and gives me an opportunity to see some of the figures I might be thinking about buying 'in the flesh' before making a financial commitment

Indeed, it was at last year's show where I had my first opportunity to look really closely at some of the figures being produced by Thomas Gunn and the vehicles made by Figarti, and at this year's show I put my hand in my pocket and made my very first purchases from both of these manufacturers. You will be able to read about these, and one or two other purchases, a little later in my next 'Latest Additions' post

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip, but boy did I need a drink when I got home, having spent the best part of an hour stuck in a crawling queue of cars during the return journey, and I would thoroughly recommend you pop along next year if you happen to live in the area and haven't been before. The 22nd Birmingham Toy Soldier Show is due to take place on Sunday, 28th October 2012, at the same venue, The Clarendon Suite, 2 Stirling Road, Edgbaston

Happy hunting!

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