Sunday, 27 November 2011

Latest Additions

My second 'latest additions' post of the day. Strictly speaking, of the last two days but the first one was posted only a few hours ago so definitely the second in the last 24 hours

This one is just a quickie and concerns another purchase from those great guys and gals in Canada, The Toy Soldiers Club. On this occasion I bought three recently retired LAH motorcycle combinations from King and Country, one to add to my Lichterfelde Barracks display and the other two to lead the march past under the podium as part of my smaller Nuremberg display. Here they all are in situ

If all goes to plan I will be adding the LAH band to this display as well as the new CS Hitler staff car set and a couple of motorcycle escorts, and a few other odds and sods!

Plans for this display include the eagle bearing pillars from K+C as well as three LAH horses, some more personalities and a couple of trumpeters for the podium, and a few guards to line the perimeter. I haven't yet decided what to put behind the horses!

More 'latest additions' info and images soon. Until then, happy hunting!

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