Sunday, 4 December 2011

King and Country Dispatches

Here we are in December, the month of Christmas for many of us, and a time when thoughts turn to present buying and the giving and receiving of gifts. I wonder if any of the delights on offer this month from K+C will be appearing on your Christmas list?

First up, all the figure sets referred to in last month's post will be available for sale this month including the new Ludhiana Sikhs, Philip II of France and his retainers, the military bell tent, Australian light horsemen, the Luftwaffe aces and Werner Molder's Bf109

Coming in January, six all-new French infantry-of-the-line to add extra colour, depth and excitement to K+C's Napoleonic Forces, including these fine fellows

From Napoleon to North Africa, "The Desert War", fought between 1940 and 1943 in the harsh, unyielding environment of North Africa, is one of K+C's most collected ranges. These latest add-ons are sure to please quite a few of the "Desert-Diehards"

Australians abound in this release but they are by no means the only force represented. In addition to the dead AK figure they are also releasing a few more FL figures on parade and a couple of British vehicles

EA058 "The M7 Priest"
Ninety of these 105mm-armed assault guns were dispatched to North Africa early in 1942... many of these were modified by the British with side skirts... some were not... this is one of the latter. The vehicle includes a commander figure

EA062 "Morris CS8 British 15cwt. Truck"
A familiar sight to all British and Empire forces this little truck is in 6th Australian Infantry Division markings and comes with an Aussie driver.
Special Note: This little 15cwt truck is a "Series 250" release

Also due in January, a Luftwaffe release with a difference, this time in the form of a crash landed German fighter plane and a handful of British figures attending the scene

This photo shows all of the figures in this particular release, apart form the ambulance which is already available

A unique version of the Me.109 this crash landed plane belongs to Franz Von Werra, the only German pilot to successfully escape from Allied captivity and finally make it back to Germany in early 1941. Von Werra made a successful "wheels-up" landing in Kent during the Battle of Britain in 1940. After several failed escape attempts he was transported to Canada where he finally escaped into the U.S. before heading to Mexico then to Brazil and across the Atlantic to Spain before eventually making it back home to his beloved Germany. His exploits were filmed in "The One That Got Away" starring Hardy Kruger

That just about wraps it up for the new releases, so what's being retired this month? Well, a handful of middle eastern buildings, quite a few cavalry figures and a dead German! Here's the complete list

CW040 “Mounted Confederate Officer w/Pistol”
CW041 “Mounted Bugler”
CW042 “Cavalry Flagbearer”
CW045 “Firing Carbine”
CW046 “Holding Carbine”
CW047 “Loading Carbine”
CW049 “Battlefield Surgeon”
CW050 “Carried off”

DD122 “US 101st Airborne, Jumping Screaming Eagles”
DD123 “US 82nd Airborne, Jumping All Americans”

NA083 “Scots Grey Standard Bearer”
NA084 “Scots Grey Bugler”
NA085 “Scots Grey Charging”
NA089 “Rearing Horse”
NA090 “Charging Sword Down”
NA096 “RHA Mounted Officer”
NA097 “RHA Sergeant with telescope”

SP038 “Desert Palm Trees (triple Tree Set)”
SP043 “Desert Village Temple/ Mosque”
SP044 “Temple Mosque Minaret”
SP046 “Desert Village Square”

WS170 “Dead Hitlerjugend Grendier”
Until next month, happy hunting!

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