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Thomas Gunn: Recent Releases

Information on the latest releases from Tom and the gang landed in my in tray a few days ago and many of you may already have seen them first hand at the London show. For those of you that didn't, here are some pictures and accompanying details on the sets being released in December and a few more due for release the following month. Enjoy

December 2012 Releases

SS027 8cm Mortar Team. A 2 man SS mortar team in action somewhere in Europe.
Both crew members look away as another round leaves the tube heading in the direction of the Allies!

The A version is suitable for a Battle of the Bulge diorama and the B version is suitable for Normandy or Germany 1945. Not sure if there are many German winter mortar teams around so hopefully a pretty unique set for all of you into winter.
Limited to 200 sets in the A version and 120 sets in the B version and priced at $69 for a great all action set! Available now!

SS029 The Mine Clearers Part 1.
A 2 man mine clearing team with an NCO recording his comrade's work in the minefield but at a safe distance! The other soldier seems to have found something and has stopped moving for the time being, just to be sure! The mine detector pole is detachable to avoid breakages during transit
Priced at $64 for the pair, limited to 200 sets in the Normandy version and 120 sets in the DAK version. Available now!

SS030 The Mine Clearers Part 2.
Comprises a 2 man squad gingerly clearing Allied mines in preparation for the German counter attack. One man moves forward searching for hidden mines equipped with a standard issue mine detector. His comrade in arms lifts a once hidden mine with his bayonet. To highlight the shortages faced by the Germans we have ‘dressed’ one of the figures in a Wehrmacht jacket in addition to his SS issue trousers and helmet! Limited to 200 sets in the Normandy SS version and 120 in the DAK version and priced at a competitive $64 for the pair
SS034 Battle Group Part 4. Designed to go with the Mine Clearer sets these 2 infantry figures start their way through the cleared minefield. An NCO waves a nervous Private forward as the path opens up for them

Limited to 200 sets in the SS version and 120 sets in the DAK version and priced at $64 per set

Tom and the gang have recently begun work on two new ranges and in January will be releasing a number of figures for them

Starting off their new WW1 range is a British icon who in some ways sums up the typical eccentric British academic of the period, drafted into the army – T.E Lawrence! In this set, Lawrence takes the surrender of a Turkish soldier in the A version and a German officer in the B version. The scene was inspired by the battle of Tafas where in the 1962 film Lawrence shouts ‘No prisoners’ as his Arab troops move forward to attack a retreating Turkish column. The Turkish force had recently butchered the inhabitants of Tafas and were beating a hasty retreat before the Arabs arrived. The only Axis troops to escape the following battle were 3 cars containing German/Austrian machine gunners. All the other German and Turkish combatants were massacred including 250 troops who surrendered but were put to the sword by the Arabs

Limited to 200 pieces in the A version and 100 pieces in the B version this will be available in January 2012 and priced at $95

Great War 001 (GW001) would surely have been a very worrying sight for any Allied soldier on the front line in France 1918. The Germans pioneered the flamethrower during WW1 and used it to terrifying effect, the flamethrower teams often moving forward with other assault troops to clear the way for the main attacking German force

The A version comes with the figure wearing a gas mask and the B version with no gas mask. Both troops are dressed in ‘Storm Trooper’ outfits and will be priced at $32. More of these superb looking troops will follow in 2012. Both versions will be limited to 150 sets each

LOA002/GW002 comprises a dismounted British cavalry team manning a Hotchkiss machine gun. All British cavalry Regiments were equipped with 2 or more French Hotchkiss machine guns due to the lack of a suitable British light machine gun. These guns provided the extra firepower needed by these lightly armed troops, who were often far out in advance of the main force in a reconnaissance role

The LOA (Lawrence of Arabia) version comes with Pith helmeted figures and the ‘Great War’ version, suitable for the Western Font, comes with our boys wearing soft caps. Both versions limited to 150 sets, priced at $69 and available in January 2012

They are also embarking on a new Napoleonic range and the inaugural offering will be this rather delightful set of RHA troopers manning a rocket launcher!

NAPS001. RHA crew with rocket launcher. As you know here at TGM we love rockets and I wanted to create a unique piece for our first 1/30th scale Napoleonic release! These beautifully detailed soldiers are in the process of loading up their Congreve rocket launcher. Not the most accurate of artillery pieces but they could wreak havoc if scoring a direct hit on an enemy troop concentration. The set comes with 2 troopers and a 2 piece metal rocket launcher and will be priced at $72

So, plenty to look forward to from TGM in the New Year. Happy hunting!

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