Sunday, 18 December 2011

Latest Additions

Hi once again and welcome to another installment of my 'Latest Additions' posts. This time I'll be showcasing a series of WW2 figures from K+C together with a number of bases from JG Miniatures

I already have quite a few of John's ready made bases including ten of his 6" square tank track bases which I have spread across two shelves on the top of two adjacent cabinets. The tank tracks, five per shelf, are laid in the centre of the shelves and I wanted something to go on either side of them

Initially, I thought of buying more of his 6" square plain grass bases with a very nice hedge across one of the sides but decided against this option for two main reasons. Firstly, I would need twenty of them and at a little over £25 for two that would come to quite a sum and secondly, the resulting terrain, whilst attractive to look at, would be very inflexible

The 'hedgerow' base. Nice, but pricey and inflexible!

After a lengthy phone call or two to John, I finally decided on some custom made bases. I now have eight 15" x 6" bases built to the same depth as the tank tracks and covered in matching green flock and very good they look, too. Altogether they cost me around £55 including postage and packing and they are completely plain, allowing me to add whatever additional items I like. You can get some idea of the full effect in the two images below

The fact that these new bases are plain means I can be much more flexible with what I add to them. Walls, fences, gates, hedges, shrubbery, trees, grass clumps.....

Another recent purchase has come in the shape of ten Waffen SS figures from K+C, all retired last month in one fell swoop and all participating in the 'halted convoy' diorama pictured above. I bought them all in one go from Toy Soldiers Club in Canada and am delighted with them. Here they all are in glorious close up

An NCO makes observations amidst the ensuing disarray

Striding into view, an officer and additional trooper from the same series of figures, bought previously

Three groups of combatants returning fire in the general direction of the assault that recently crippled the lead Panther tank. I particularly like the NCO wielding the 'Boxcannon' M712

The back story to this diorama is that a German armoured column has been halted in its tracks by a combined air and ground attack. The lead Panther tank has been crippled and is unable to move whilst all around the stricken armour accompanying Panzergrenadiers are trying desperately to return fire, take cover, and patch up and evacuate fallen comrades. Very much a work in progress at the moment. I have a number of other figures planned for it and quite a lot of foliage and additional landscaping features

You may have noticed a lone TG cavalry soldier languishing towards the rear of the column. I'm fairly sure he won't figure in the final display but for the time being it's somewhere to put him. I'm expecting to take delivery of the remaining five later this week so keep in touch. See you soon

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