Sunday, 15 January 2012

Airsoft: Arms and Accessories

So, stuck with a cupboard full of gun bags? Do you have them lying around in awkward to get at places, or taking up shelf space, or even deposited carelessly on the floor where everyone can trip and break their neck over them? Well, this product could well be the solution you've been looking for!

I came across this whilst leafing through a recent issue of Airsoft International and have to confess I was quite taken with the idea. Only trouble is, I'm having difficulty finding a decent stretch of 'outside wall', unencumbered by furniture or other fixtures and fittings, to attach it to

Made by the chaps at S-Thunder, what you're looking at is a modular gun rack system constructed from durable nylon plastic and aluminium. Airsoft World commissioned them to make some for their store and I have included a couple of images from the shop to give you an idea of what the thing might look like with a number of guns fixed to it

The rack is made from 4mm extruded aluminium and the gun mounts are made from solid nylon, mounted on aluminium fixings. Using the gun's own magazine well, they mount via the solid nylon magazine shaped mounts and utilise the gun's own magazine catch to secure the gun in place

The Wall Mount is one metre in length and can accommodate up to a maximum of 16 gun holders.  Wall mounting holes are spaced 6 inches apart from centre to centre. The gun holders are available for M4, MP5, AK47, and G36 real guns or replicas and each of them can hold a gun weighing up to 10 Kg. The Wall Mount is shipped with eight gun holders included in the price and you would need to specify gun type when ordering. Gun holders are also available separately

M4 mounting unit

MP5 mounting unit

The Wall Mount costs £39.99, complete with wall fixings, and the separate gun mounts retail for £6.99 a piece. So, well worth considering if you are in need of tidying things up a bit, or would just like to show your guns off more effectively!

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