Sunday, 22 January 2012

Figarti: Recent Releases

Figarti, a company with a well deserved reputation for producing impressive centre pieces, are releasing a number of new products this month, among them these two horse-drawn German sets for their WW2 range

The artillery limber pictured below does not come cheap at £315 but comprises six horses, three riders and, of course, the limber wagon which is capable of towing a suitable gun if you happen to have one, so all in all that seems pretty reasonable. You may have seen these on show on Clive's stand in London in December and if you did then you'll probably agree with me that they are beautifully sculpted and the brush work gives them a suitably battle hardened and weather beaten appearance

The supply wagon pictured below is an equally impressive piece that would look perfectly good on its own but even better when displayed in convoy with the limber! This set will retail for around £215

Finally, to complete this very brief newsflash, in March the company will be releasing a set of riders to accompany the artillery limber and in my opinion they look absolutely lovely. They are available to pre-order now and will retail at £85 for the set of three figures

All sets are available in the UK from Grey Goose Collectibles. Happy hunting!

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