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King and Country Dispatches

Welcome to the first K&C dispatches of 2012. We begin with those figures referred to in last month's post that are now available for sale


“Return to Waterloo”

As previewed in December’s dispatches six all-new French Infantry-of-the-Line to add extra depth, colour and numbers to the Emperor’s Army at Waterloo…

NA243 “FLI Standing Firing”
NA244 “FLI Biting Cartridge”
NA245 “FLI Loading from Pouch”
NA246 “FLI Standing Ready”
NA247 “FLI Preparing to Repel”
NA248 “FLI Kneeling Firing”


“The Desert War” fought between 1940 and 1943 in the harsh, unyielding environment of North Africa is one of K&C’s most collected ranges. These latest add-ons are sure to please quite a few of the fans of K&C’s “Desert Rats”…

EA058 “The M7 Priest” (British version)
EA061 “M7 Priest Crew” (add-ons)
EA063 “Foreign Legion Marching w/Rifle”
EA064 “FL Marching w/ Light Machine Gun”
EA065 “FL Marching NCO w/ Tommy Gun”
EA062 “Morris CS8 British 15cwt. Truck
Special Note: This 15cwt truck is a “Series 250” release
EA067 “Aussie Officer w/Binos”
EA068 “Aussie Sergeant w/ Tommy-Gun”
EA069 “Aussie Bren Gunner”
EA070 “Aussie Advancing w/ Rifle”
EA071 “Aussie on Guard”
EA072 “Bringing up Supplies”
EA073 “Aussie w/Rifle at the Trail”
EA074 “Dead Afrika Korps”


LW045 “Franz von Werra’s Me 109”
Just 250 of this model are being made
FOB071 “Standing Bobby”
FOB076 “Tommy on Guard”
FOB078 “Prisoner & Escort”

Amongst the new releases being announced for later this month and on into February will be two small sets of figures to mark the 70th anniversary of that fateful day, February 15th 1942, when Singapore fell, and was formally handed over, to the Japanese and an ox cart, laden down with baggage, which was originally designed for their 'Life of Jesus' series, together with the following

“Napoleon ventures deeper into Egypt”

Four more additions to this colourful series which is proving to be one of K&C’s most popular

NE011 “Mounted Infantryman?”
NE013 “The Laughing Drummer Boy”
NE016 “Standing Napoleon”
NE017 “Watching French Officer”


The War in the Western Desert of North Africa between 1940 and 1943 is a fertile playground for K&C enthusiasts who collect Britain’s Eighth Army and Rommel’s legendary Afrika Korps

AK085 “Daimler Dingo Armoured Car (Afrika Korps version)” Series 250
As most AK collectors already know Rommel’s forces were always drastically short of men, vehicles and supplies. However they were very adept at making much use of captured enemy vehicles, weapons and equipment whenever and wherever they could lay their hands on them…
AK086 “General Ludwig Cruwell”
AK087 “AK Photographer” [pictured]
AK088 “AK Feldwebel”
AK089 “AK Hot and Thirsty”
AK090 “AK Rifleman”

This former British vehicle, although well-used and battle-weary, has received large, prominent German crosses painted on it as well as a Nazi swastika flag pinned on top of its rear engine cover for aircraft recognition purposes. The model also includes an Afrika Korps driver as well as a separate MG34 machine gun


“Danger UXB” stands for “ Danger Unexploded Bomb” and was also the title of a popular British television drama series of the late 1970’s. The series told the story of a group of Royal Engineers tasked with the difficult and highly dangerous job of defusing unexploded bombs dropped by Goering’s Luftwaffe on British cities during the Blitz and afterwards

FoB069 “Bomb Disposal Tilly”
FoB072 “Danger UXB”
FoB073 “Sapper Sergeant”
FoB074 “Sappers at work”
FoB075 “Blitz Police Constable”

Among the vehicles most used by the UXB teams was the little Austin “Tilly”. This latest “Series 250” version has a new paint-scheme, with the bright red mudguards of all bomb disposal vehicles and a male Royal Engineers “Sapper” driver. Just 250 have been produced

“A Few More French Crusaders”

MK086 “Mounted Templar d rawing Sword”
MK087 “French Knight with Lance”
MK089 “Sergeant-at-Arms w/ double-handed Sword”


One of the unexpected, but great, surprises of our “BERLIN ‘38” series was the huge popularity of the Kriegsmarine sailors on parade. So, we thought we would add a few more

LAH158 “KM Drum Major”
LAH159 “KM Drummer”
LAH160 “KM Fifer”
LAH161 “KM Singing Sailor”
LAH162 “KM Kettle Drummer”
LAH163 “KM Naval Trumpeter”

Finally, but by no means least, indeed for many collectors this may be the most important part of the dispatches post each month, what sets are being retired? In short, quite a lot this month. Here is the full list, and pictures can be seen on the K&C website


AK059 “Control Tower”
AL006 “Dismounted Australian Lighthorseman”
BBG038 “Gun Crew Set No.1”
BBG046 “Gun Crew Set No.2”
HK077 “The Street Book Seller Set”
MK043 “Saracen w/ Lance Down”
MK044 “Saracen w/ Lance Up”
RAF010 “MG Sports Car Set”
WS136 “General & Adjutant”
WS137 “Discussing the War”
WS142 “ Cossack Feldgendarmerie with Prisoner”
WS143 “Mounted Cossack Officer w/ Sword”
WS144 “Mounted Cossack Scout”
WS145 “Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Right)”
WS146 “Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Left)”
WS147 “Standing Cossack and Horse”
WS148 “Mounted Cossack Pointing”
WS149 “Dismounted Cossack NCO”
WS150 “General Helmut Von Pannwitz”

Until next time. Happy hunting!!

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