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Thomas Gunn: Recent Releases

Hello again, fellow collectors. Please find below a reproduction of the latest releases newsletter from Thomas Gunn

Dear All

Firstly a Happy New Year to you all and here's to a great 2012 for all you collectors out there. Without any further delay here's the latest releases from TGM for January 2012.  All these sets are available next week including some of the replacement SS011/12 Cavalry figures. Anybody who needs these cavalry figures please let me know at your earliest convenience

SS031 Battle Group Part 3
A great accompaniment to our Mine Clearers from last month or any other action dio your imagination stretches to!
A two man set featuring a kneeling firing figure with no base for maximum flexibility and another figure hastily fitting a bayonet for the forthcoming close combat!
Available in Waffen SS colours (200 sets) as the A version and DAK colours (100 sets) for the B version. Priced at a competitive $64 which is still amazing value when you think of the limited production run and the detail that comes with this set!

SS032 Battle Group Part 4
The last of our Battle Group series also features a two man set with one kneeling figure priming his potato masher grenade and the other reloading a fresh clip into his rifle

Available in late war Waffen SS colours (200 sets) as the A version and DAK colours (100 sets) for the B version. Priced once again at a competitive $64

ATW002 Quad 50 Flak Gun
The Maxon M45 power turret mounted four .50 calibre Browning M2 heavy barrel machine guns - this was the famous quad fifty.  The multiple machine guns excelled in duels with aircraft flying up to 1,500 feet, and also provided AA fire units with local defence against ground attack or infiltration. In its secondary role of engaging ground troops, the quad fifty was evaluated post-war as "vicious and effective" when facing light armoured vehicles and enemy infantry. The reputation the weapon gained in World War II kept the quad mounts in America's wars up to and including Vietnam

The Quad turret could be mounted on a half track or on one of 2 trailers, our model is the later M55 version. Issued mainly to Airborne Anti Aircraft (AAA) units the M55 version also found its way into other GI units because of its effectiveness against air and ground targets

Available in 2 versions with 150 being produced in the Normandy and a further 150 in the BOB colour schemes. The gun will fully rotate and elevate. The 81st AAA Battalion were issued the Quad 50 and were an organic part of the 101st Airborne Division . Our model therefore comes with a gunner and a rookie officer (wearing his trench coat) from the 101st scanning the skies for the Luftwaffe. Priced at $110 it's a must for any collector of the American Airborne series

Also available this month (but covered in last month's notes) are LOA001 Lawrence, LOA002/GW002 Hotchkiss MG set and last but not least GW001 Flamethrower, a set which has been very heavily pre-ordered and looks set to be very popular. On a personal note I would like to add we have more WW1 figures with gas masks in the works and these will hopefully follow later in 2012

NAPS001 unfortunately missed the December boat and will now be here in February, hopefully at the same time as some of our new French Napoleonic infantry!

More pictures of all the above are available on our website at

Kind Regards Tom

So, there you have it, more very keenly priced releases from TGM. Happy hunting!

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