Monday, 30 January 2012

Latest Additions: Wittmann Diorama

As many of you will probably know I am currently collecting the figures and vehicles I need for a diorama I'm creating based on the famous photograph of Michael Wittmann sitting astride his Tiger tank shortly before the battle at Villers-Bocage

The terrain for the diorama isn't finished yet but it's being done by David Marshall over at TM Terrain and I'm confident it will look pretty stunning when complete. He's promised me some 'work in progress' photos as soon as he has some ready so I will put them up as soon as I have them. He may even feature them in an article on his own blog!

By way of keeping you up to date with how the figure side of it is going I thought I'd post the following images. Nine of the ten figures below will feature in the diorama and I bought them all in one job lot from my friends in Canada, aka The Toy Soldiers Club

This first figure is the one that won't be featuring in the diorama but I've included him here since he's new to my collection and I bought him at the same time as the others

Here are the ones that will be in the diorama

These two chaps will be there 'policing' the event, standing at the rear of the Tiger making sure nothing gets in the way to ruin the shot!

My plan is to have these Wehrmacht tankers positioned at the side of the Panzer Lehr tank, collecting fuel and water ready for the onward journey

These four figures will be positioned on either side of the Tiger 1 paying their respects to the newly decorated tank ace and the subject of all the attention

Finally, K&C's portrayal of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Weiss. He was the commander of the 2nd SS Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion of the ‘Das Reich’ Division. He is proudly wearing his Knight’s Cross which he was awarded in 1943. He was a very skilled and popular commander who survived the war, only to be killed in a car accident in 1978

Like the four figures mentioned previously my plan is to have Weiss standing beside the Tiger saluting Wittmann

So, there you have it, the latest additions to my collection which pretty much completes the figures I want for the diorama. The only other item I really want is the cute little wood gas powered VW in Normandy camo which will be parked on a side road and act as the vehicle that the propaganda press men are travelling in

I'll be sure to keep you updated with news and images as and when I have them. Bye for now

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