Tuesday, 31 January 2012

TCS: New Germans!

My last post for this month and for it I am returning to The Collectors Showcase who have recently put up some images on their website heralding the release of a few more sets of WW2 Germans

These great new German Fallschirmjager sets depict Friederich Von Der Heydte and company on their way to what would be a very bloody scrap at Carentan. The 6th Regiment was a sort of "Fire Brigade" in Normandy and saw a lot of action. These figures marching to the front would be great to populate any armoured diorama with and also perfectly complement the new SdKfz 232, also pictured below

The foot figure sets will retail at $65.90 each and the armoured car at $159

Radio team

LMG team

Panzerschreck team

Company officers assessing the lie of the land

What a stunner she looks and, at $159, great value for money if their other vehicles are anything to go by!

That about wraps it up for another month. Until next time. Happy hunting!!

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