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King and Country Dispatches

Hard to believe it's February already but it is, and here is the latest round of releases and retirements from Andy and the team over at K&C. I apologise for the delay in putting it up. I hope you find something here of interest and as ever further information and images are available on the company's website or from K&C UK. Enjoy! 

February 2012

1.      APPEARING IN FEBRUARY 2012, several figure sets referred to in last month's post

A.     “Napoleon’s Egyptian Adventure”

NE011 “Mounted Infantryman”
NE013 “The Laughing Drummer Boy”
NE016 “Standing Napoleon”
NE017 “Watching French Officer”


AK085 “Daimler Dingo Armoured Car (Afrika Korps version)” Series 250
AK086 “General Ludwig Cruwell”
AK087 “AK Photographer”
AK088 “AK Feldwebel”
AK089 “AK Hot and Thirsty”
AK090 “AK Rifleman”


LAH158 “KM Drum Major”
LAH159 “KM Drummer”
LAH160 “KM Fifer”
LAH161 “KM Singing Sailor”
LAH162 “KM Kettle Drummer”
LAH163 “KM Naval Trumpeter”

D.    “A Few More French Crusaders”

MK086 “Mounted Templar drawing Sword”
MK087 “French Knight with Lance”
MK089 “Sergeant-at-Arms w/ double-handed Sword”

E.     “DANGER UXB!”

FoB069 “Bomb Disposal Tilly”
FoB072 “Danger UXB”
FoB073 “Sapper Sergeant”
FoB074 “Sappers at work”
FoB075 “Blitz Police Constable”


A.     “At the court of the Emperor”

IC038 “The Emperor Qian Long”
IC039 “General & Map”

B.     “Vive La France!”

It’s been a while since our last World War One release so we’re releasing seven new figures of “1914” era French infantry in action to make amends…

FW074 “Officer w/ Pistol and Sword”
FW075 “Kneeling firing Rifleman”
FW076 “Poilu Charging”
FW077 “With Rifle & Bayonet”
FW078 “Standing Firing Rifleman”
FW079 “Machine Gun Set”

In addition to our seven Frenchmen K&C are adding two more marching German infantry of the same early war period…

FW109 “Marching Rifleman w/Cap”
FW110 “Marching Rifleman w/ Pickelhaub”

C.     “From 1914 to 1944”

Thirty years after the Germans advanced into France the Allies now advance further into France from their Normandy beachheads…

DD163 “Dingo Armoured Car” Normandy Version Series 250
DD164 “Dingo Commander”

D.    “Remember The Alamo!”

This year we’re beginning a new Mexican regiment… “The Casadores”. These elite infantrymen were modeled on the British “rifle” regiments of the Napoleonic Wars and used surplus British weapons and equipment including the famous “Baker Rifle”

Here are the first four…

RTA061 “Casadores loading Rifle”
RTA062 “Casadores standing Firing”
RTA063 “Casadores with Ramrod”
RTA064 “Casadores Officer with Pistol”

Note the green facings and epaulettes denoting a “rifle” regiment

RTA065 “Almeron Dickinson”

The husband and father of two of the Alamo’s few survivors. This figure has Dickinson firing his old blunderbuss at the advancing Mexicans 

E.     “Viva ll Duce!”

Along with our annual release of the Alamo pieces we have another small group of figures (and a vehicle) that venture into areas few other companies seem interested in…

IF010 “Air Marshal Balbo”
IF011 “Il Duce Saluting”
IF023 “Fiat Mod. 500A “Topolino” Series 250

This great little Italian car was used by Axis forces throughout the war and appeared in every “Theatre of War” where Italian forces operated

This particular little “Desert” Topolina has open top “air conditioning” and comes with a driver.
Two other 250’s will be released later this year… an “Afrika Korps” one and a “Luftwaffe” version

IF024 “Carabinieri holding Carbine”

The role of “Military Police” in the Italian Army then and now is the responsibility of this legendary paramilitary police force. Even today they are a familiar sight on Italy’s streets

Our wartime Carabinieri wears the Napoleonic bicorne with a grey cover and regular Italian grey uniform. Most men, in addition to their carbines, carried a pistol as a side arm

IF025 “Carabinieri checking Papers”
IF026 “Carabinieri standing at Attention”

F.     Another Great Normandy Add-on”

Earlier in this dispatch we told you about our British reconnaissance “Dingo”… Well let’s not forget our American cousins… Here’s a little something for them!

DD161 “US Armoured Jeep”

A summer version of our highly successful “Battle of the Bulge” armoured jeep… No snow-chains this time, just regular wheels but there is an all-new driver figure. A very useful new Jeep for any Normandy ’44 collection!

DD162 “US Trailer”

And… another version of the jeep trailer, this one with a brand-new load of supplies for the troops. By the way this little trailer can be towed behind other K&C American vehicles 

3.      Finally… THE RETIREMENTS!

AK035    “AK Motorcycle combo”
IC019      “Mounted Qianlong”
KM001   “Flag Signaller”
KM002   “E-Boat Captain”
KM003   “Gun Commander”
KM004   “Naval Field Police NCO”
KM005   “Petty Officer w/Whistle”
KM006   “Seaman Guard”
KM007   “Walking Guard”
KM008   “Radioman”
KM009   “On Guard Duty”
KM013   “Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer”
KM014   “Kapitanleutnant Shouting”
KM015   “Submariner”
KM016   “Kriegsmarine BMW 327”
KM017   “Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo Recovery Vehicle”
WS122    “Advancing on the Enemy”
WS123    “Machine Gun Team Forward!”
WS124    “Flame Thrower Set”

As I mentioned earlier, with any luck there will be something here of interest to you. I've already placed an order for WS122 and WS124, as well as a couple of other pieces, with TSC across the pond in Canada. Until next month, happy hunting!

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