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Thomas Gunn: Recent Releases

Nearly one week into February and it sounds like we are in for a bit of a cold snap here in the UK. Fortunately, we have our hobbies to immerse ourselves in whilst the weather conspires to keep us all in doors and the thought of the next parcel landing on the door mat may help to make us feel a little warmer inside

Speaking of which, I have just ordered three figure sets from the company which is the subject of this post, and I'm very much looking forward to receiving them around about the middle of this week, all being well!

Without further ado, I will hand you over to Tom for a few details about their latest releases

Release Notes February 2012

January 2012 was one of the best sales months ever for Thomas Gunn and I want to thank all of those who supported us in achieving this

ATW002 sold out within 10 days and LOA001 Lawrence had virtually disappeared by the second week point. Amazing when you consider the state of the worldwide economy! It also looks as though the GW001 Flamethrower and LOA002 MG sets are nearly sold out at our end. We actually sold more WW1 than WW2 on a per figure basis which I am still trying to get my head around!

Without further delay please see below for what’s on offer in February:


RHA 1815 Rocket Set has now landed and is priced at $77. Apologies but the factory came back with a higher than anticipated manufacturing cost hence the slightly increased price. However, still good value for money and I am sure it's not going to put too many of you off a great looking piece

The Rocketeers set, version B

One of the crew, this time without a hat.....

.....and the other with a shifty looking eye patch!

Version A of the Rocketeers set

NAP003 – 006

The Imperial Guard were Napoleon’s elite troops and were under his personal command at all times. They could not be committed to battle or even moved without Napoleon's express permission. They were the last troops into action at Waterloo, as part of Napoleon's last desperate gamble to beat Wellington before Blucher arrived. Unfortunately for Napoleon even these magnificent soldiers could not sway the tide of defeat engulfing Napoleon’s 100 day empire

As part of our tribute to the Imperial Guard, we have launched 4 figures comprising the following:

Features a standing firing rifleman available in 2 versions with blue campaign trousers for the A version and cream trousers for the B version

Kneeling rifleman with blue trousers for the A version and B version wearing old empire style blue and white striped trousers!

Comprises a standing Guardsman reaching for another musket ball as he reloads his firearm. The A version wears blue trousers and the B version is wearing a nice shade of cream!

An Imperial Guard officer shouts orders to his troops to hold the line! The A version wears blue trousers and the B version sports cream trousers

All the above are limited to 200 of the A version and 200 of the B version and are priced at $34 per figure. A little more than I would have liked to have priced these figures at, but the realistic grass on the base, single figure boxes and detailed painting are to blame! We have produced 150 of each version on this initial run with the remaining 50 sets following in April

Four more Imperial Guard will follow next month to bolster these magnificent troops


More FJ’S in the form of Tank Riders! The A version represents two soldiers from SS Battalion 500/600. These SS soldiers fought mainly on the Eastern Front however they were also present at the Battle of the Bulge. These troops have no base so they can be used in a multitude of other settings, eg in a lorry, building or a boat. This version is limited to 150 pieces

The B version features our FJ troops in more conventional Normandy Luftwaffe pattern uniform and is limited to 150 pieces

The C version has our troops dressed in desert camouflage and is limited to 100 pieces only. All the FJ sets are priced at $64


Following on our theme of Tank Riders we've also launched 2 British Tank Riders in the form of a standing PIAT gunner and his sitting number 2 with a case of PIAT ammunition. Limited to 200 sets in the Paratrooper version and 100 in the Army Commando version. Once again a very flexible set of figures that can be used on a vehicle, in a dinghy or in a building. As we don’t have any Allied tanks out at the moment, these chaps will have to grab a ride on one of Andy’s tanks for the time being!

Priced at $64 for the pair!


Kettenkrad in 3 versions! The Kettenkrad was a multi use all terrain vehicle put into service with the SS, Heer and Luftwaffe. Our version comes with a removable driver figure and a trailer containing 2 wooden boxes. Limited to 150 in each version and priced at the $99 mark

The A version features an SS driver with smock, with sand coloured vehicle and green stripe pattern

The B version comprises a Hermann Goring driver and a sand coloured Kettenkrad

The C version is in grey, with Luftwaffe plates and a Luftwaffe trooper in smock

Once again a very limited edition piece that is bound to be popular with collectors

Our shipment was delayed by 2 weeks due to CNY so none of the above will be available until 20th February at the earliest unfortunately!

That’s all for now folks, speak to you in a couple of weeks for the mid month news update!

Best Regards Tom

Likewise, I'll be back with more news from Tom in a couple of weeks time. Until then, happy hunting!

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