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King and Country Dispatches

Tuesday April 2nd and it is time once again for the latest news from K&C. We begin with those figures previewed last month and available either now or a little later in the month


A: “Mounted Roman Auxiliary Cavalry in the time of Jesus”

LOJ018 “Auxiliary on Drinking Horse”
LOJ019 “Auxiliary on Standing Horse”

B. RAF038 “V for VICTORY!”

Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a very typical Churchillian pose

C. “BERLIN 1938”

The latest “BERLIN ‘38” releases include a great new display piece plus five figures… and a guard dog set

LAH151 “The Nazi Eagle Archway”
LAH152 “SA Man marching with Rifle”
LAH153 “SA Honour Guard with Rifle”
LAH 154 ”SS Dog Handler”
LAH 164 “Pre-1933 SS Man marching with Rifle”
LAH 165 “Pre-1933 SS Honour Guard with Rifle”


Finally, they are here… and this is just the “Advance Guard”! All of these new figures and tanks were previewed to great acclaim and enthusiasm at the recent “WEST COASTER” show near Los Angeles. We look forward to adding more in the future!

RA016 “Shouting Red Army Officer”
RA017 “Red Army Soldier Standing Charging”
RA018 "Red Army Soldier firing from the Waist"
RA019 "Red Army Soldier Running"
RA020 "Red Army Soldier Lying Prone"
RA021 “Red Army Soldier Standing Firing”


RA025-1 “Soviet T34/76 (#23)”
RA025-2 “Soviet T34/76 (#25)”
RA025-3 “Soviet T34/76 (“For the Motherland”)”

The last of the trio has the Russian slogan painted on the side of the turret… Unfortunately in our preview sample K&C got the Russian spelling WRONG! Fortunately for us several of our Russian collectors spotted this and we were able to “correct” the spelling (in Russian)


RAF039 “Curtiss P40 “Tomahawk”
RAF040 “RAF Medic & Wounded Pilot”



WS199 “T34/76 (German Version)”

As most K&C collectors already know the German Army in the first 18 months after their invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 captured vast numbers of prisoners as well as huge amounts of weapons and fighting vehicles. The vehicles in particular proved useful and many were hastily repainted, given German markings and pushed back into action…only this time with German crews. Among the most famous were the T34’s…

Our grey-painted version is in the markings of the Third Waffen SS Division “TOTENKOPF” (“Death ’s head”). Decorated with several large “Balkan” crosses (for easy recognition) this fighting vehicle comes with a new German tank commander figure

SPECIAL NOTE: Planned Production is just 250 vehicles. In addition, a “winterized” T34/76 is scheduled for release later in the year


SP050 “French Shop/House”

Here we’ve combined sections from two of our older Normandy Village Shop/Houses… made them bigger, added more detail and, we believe, made them even better than before… I hope you like this first one featuring a “Pharmacie”… Look out for more later in the year!


Hong Kong has always been a favourite “port-of-call” for sailors of all nations for many years and so we decided to add another “Matelot” to our “Streets of Old Hong Kong” series

HK204 “Sailor at-ease”

Jolly “Jack Tar” on a run-ashore looking to down a few pints of beer and maybe seek out a little feminine company…


Recently K&C has spent a bit more of its Napoleonic energies helping Bonaparte explore the wonders of Egypt… Now we’re moving back to Europe and the Emperor's heyday in the middle years of his reign with these two figures

NA237 “Mounted Napoleon”

The all-time, classic image of the Emperor showing him as he and his armies traversed the length and breadth of Europe… winning countless battles and making many enemies!

NA238 “Mounted LaSalle”

One of Napoleon’s most trusted, loyal and bravest commanders. He was also one of the most colourful… his self-designed uniforms were very noticeable on the battlefield … both to his men and to his opponents… he was killed leading his cavalry at the battle of WAGRAM in 1809 


Two late reinforcements for our 92nd. (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment…

NA241 “92nd Highlander marching w/Rifle”
NA242 “92nd Bagpiper Marching”

Another of the series we previewed in America recently was our Second World War British Forces in Normandy and Holland during the latter part of the hostilities. Here are the first of a two-part release of “P.B.I” (Poor Bloody Infantry) and a fantastic new British armoured car…

DD165 “BT turning w/ Sten Gun”


This walking sergeant keeps a sharp lookout on his men as well as an even sharper lookout for the enemy!

DD166 “BT Stretcher Bearer”
DD167 “BT Port Arms”
DD168 “BT Rifle at the Trail”
DIVISIONAL NOTE: All of these latest soldiers belong to the famous British 3rd Infantry Division which fought in France in 1940. Evacuated at Dunkirk it returned to Europe on D-Day and fought all through France, Holland and into Germany in 1945


Providing additional eyes, ears and gun support for our latest infantry is this great-looking addition to K&C ’s fighting vehicle collection…

DD176 “The Humber MKII Armoured Car”

This vehicle could only be designed in Britain … it is so ”British- looking” in style and a great model.
It first saw action in North Africa with the 8th Army (K&C will release a “desert-version” later this year). Our new K&C model is a “tribute” to the men of the Free Polish Army who fought alongside the British during the war

This Humber belongs to the Reconnaissance Regiment of the famous 1st Polish Armoured Division who fought in Normandy, Holland and Germany. Many of the “Free Poles” stayed on in Britain after the war marrying British girls and raising families rather than return to their Communist-dominated homeland

This vehicle set is dedicated to them, their country…and their service

SPECIAL NOTE: More D-Day/ Holland “Tommies” and another British vehicle will be released in June


NOW, we journey back to imperial Peking with two more sets of the Emperor’s personal bodyguard regiment

IC041 “Imperial Match Lock Gun Team A”

IC042 “Imperial Match Lock Gun Team B”

Both two-man sets portray the large and unwieldy early fire arms of the Ching Dynasty… in action!


At last … our three colourful Fokker DVII’s arrive ready for combat…

FW111 “Fokker DVII of Leut. August Reben, Jasta 18”

FW112 “Fokker DVII of Leut. Josef Jacobs, Jasta 7”

FW 113 “o/ Leut. Harald Auffarth, Jasta 29”

All three aircraft come complete with different seated pilots in the cockpits and just 150 of each model have been produced


BBA021 ”Winter Bazooka Team”
BBA023 ”Winter Sniper Team”
BBA024 “Real “MP””
BBA025 “Moving Up the Line”
BBG012 ”Radio Group”
BBG013 ”Mountain Troopers”
DD130 ”US Navy Officer”
DD131 ”Standing Sailor”
DD137 ”Normandy LCVP Landing Craft (#PA26-21)“
DD138 “Normandy LCVP Landing Craft (#PA26-22)”
DD139 “Sailor w/ Binos”
DD140 “Sailor Putting on Lifejacket”
DD144 “Crewman w/ Radio”
DD145 “Crewman Shouting”
RAF003 “Flying Officer ”Moggy” Cattermole & Reilly”
RAF004 “Sgt.Pilot Ginger Lacey”
RAF006 “Waiting…And Ready”

Nothing much for me here this month, just the captured T34, and I'm thankful for that to be honest. The old wallet has taken a bit of a hammering lately!

Until next time. Happy hunting!

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