Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First Legion: Early Germans

First Legion is pleased to present the first of the enemies of Imperial Rome, the Ancient Germans! The Ancient Germans were among Imperial Rome’s staunchest adversaries. Though the Romans won many of the wars, they were never able to fully subjugate Germany the way that they had most of their other enemies. Throughout the late Republican and Imperial periods there were a series of wars and uneasy truces and eventually the Ancient German tribes were among the many who went on to sack Rome. Though useable throughout the entire period, we have presented the Ancient Germans during the Marcomannic Wars between 166 and 180 AD facing off against Marcus Aurelius. These figures are perfect to represent such tribes as the Marcomanni, the Quadi, and so many others. They will make a wonderful and much needed addition to any serious Roman toy soldier collection!

First Legion really are becoming increasingly prolific with new releases coming thick and fast. This month sees the announcement of the first batch of Early German tribesmen to pitch against the fabulous Romans that have been available now for some time. These ferocious looking warriors won't be shipping for a while but they are available to pre-order right now

German Noble Chieftain

Three views of the standard bearer, the last of which shows the detailing on the shield slung across his back

Musician wearing a wolfskin

In addition to the command group pictured above FL are releasing two fighting tribesmen, one of whom is particularly well armed with an axe, a sword and a shorter blade!

Last, but by no means least, also scheduled for release as part of this first batch is this striking vignette depicting a stricken German warrior propping himself up on the ground whilst his erstwhile compatriot does his best to exact revenge on the outnumbered Roman Legionary

I don't have any of the Roman figures but, in keeping with the theme I have chosen to build my collection around, I will certainly be after these! Happy hunting!

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