Saturday, 14 April 2012

The London Toy Soldier Show

For those of you who didn't manage to make it down to the LTSS in March there is a very detailed discussion and photo report available on the Treefrog Treasures Toy Soldier Forum. I have included some photos below of a few pieces that caught my eye

First up, Thomas Gunn Miniature's first foray into the world of 54mm heavy armour in the form of the recently announced Hetzer which will be available in three colour schemes. You can find out more about this vehicle in my Thomas Gunn update

The next two photos are of Figarti Miniature's Nashorn, complete with the add on set of crew actively reloading the main weapon, and their new T34 loaded up with Russian infantry hitching a ride into battle

Clearly visible in the background is one of Figarti's fabulous aircraft. The company is renowned for its large centre-piece display models but it's no longer the only company producing very good looking WW2 German aircraft. The next two pictures show a couple of 'Stuka' dive bombers being released by John Jenkins Designs

Fantastic though these planes are, I simply don't have the room to display them. Nor do I have the room to display one of the items on Dave Marshall's stand, a one off commission piece depicting a farmstead during the days of the American Civil War and comprising the main farmhouse, a sizeable quantity of white picket fencing and a number of outbuildings. The main farmhouse is pictured below

The final picture shows something I do have room for, namely the ruined Russian house being released by First Legion. The prototype for this was actually designed by Dave at TM Terrain so, once again, you have him to thank, in no small part, for this fabulous model terrain

You can also see two of the modular terrain sections also being released by the company and referred to in one of my previous First Legion updates. They measure 15" X 8" and come in a variety of finishes. As you can see they look very good alongside a building but would be ideal also as stand alone bases for a small selection of figures on a narrower shelf

So there you have it. A very small selection of what was on offer at the recently held LTSS. For more details and a much more comprehensive report, visit Treefrog Treasures TS Forum via the link at the top of the post

Happy hunting!

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