Sunday, 3 June 2012

First Legion: Early Germans 2

For the fourth post of June I've elected to share with you some of my excitement at the news that First Legion have announced the release of the second batch of Early Germans in their Glory of Rome series

Following hot on the heels of the first half a dozen or so figures, and the delightful little vignette, I'm sure these latest figures are set to arouse quite a lot of interest

Available direct from the manufacturer, some of the figures shown will be retailing at $59.95 whilst others will be a little steeper at $64.95, rising to a relatively lofty $69.95 for the more intricately detailed pieces. They are also available in the UK from Maison Militaire, as well as one or two other places, one of which is previewed in a forthcoming post so I will say more about that anon. Prices will be £55, £60 and £65 respectively

I'll let the figures do the rest of the talking, pretty much, save to say that if you want any further information, or maybe a few more picture to whet your appetite, then click on the following link: FL Early Germans

Armed to the teeth, this tribesman clearly means business!

Two views of one of the more expensive figures in this release, giving some idea of the detailed paintwork involved

I particularly like this figure, resplendent in his captured Roman helmet. I wonder if it was taken from the head of the poor chap pictured above?

So, there you have it. Happy hunting!

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