Sunday, 3 June 2012

Figarti: Recent Releases

Post number three and yet more news from one of the hobby's foremost names, Figarti, who over the past 10 years have become synonymous with the production of fabulous vehicles, planes and eye catching centre pieces of truly monumental proportions. Further information and images relating to all the newly released figure sets is available from the manufacturer's website, easily accessed by clicking on the following link: Figarti New Releases

First up is a plane, namely the Ju87 'Stuka' flown with great success by Hans Ulrich Rudel, the famous Luftwaffe ace. A detailed biography of Rudel can be found by clicking on the following link: Rudel

Sliding cockpit canopy

Rudel's beautiful Stuka is retailing from Grey Goose Collectables in the UK for £240

Next up, two figure sets each comprising three figures and each retailing at £85, again from GGC, Figarti's exclusive representative in the UK

Look Over There: £85

Got Ya Joe: £85

Time for another 'big piece' this time' in the form of a 105mm field gun priced up at £195. Imagine how good it would look hooked up to the field artillery limber set previewed in another post some months ago!

Finally, my personal favourite of the figure sets previewed here, this cute and highly unusual little vehicle, the H39, priced up at £170. Starting out life as the French built Hotchkiss H35 this is another example of an enemy vehicle which was 'captured' and put to good use by the Germans, and I can't think of another toy soldier manufacturer ever having made one before! On that basis alone, I reckon on it being a 'must buy' on many a collector's wants list. It's certainly on mine!

Like the French themselves the Germans made no clear distinction between a "H 38" and a "H 39". The Germans fitted many with a cupola and a hatch. Some vehicles were modified to munition carriers or artillery tractors (Artillerieschlepper 38H(f)) or rocket-launchers (Panzerkampfwagen 35H(f) mit 28/32 cm Wurfrahmen)

In 1942 24 were converted into a Marder I Panzerjäger or tank destroyer, the 7,5 cm PaK40(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f) and 48 into mechanised artillery, the 10,5 cm leFH18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f), all to be used by units in France. A special artillery observation vehicle was created: the Panzerbeobachtungswagen 38H (f). In June 1943 361 Hotchkiss tanks were still listed in the German Army inventories as 37 mm gun tanks; this number had decreased to sixty in December 1944

A more detailed history of this wonderful little vehicle can be found by clicking on the following link: Hotchkiss H35. Happy hunting!

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