Sunday, 3 June 2012

Thomas Gunn: New Releases

Here goes with the second post of the month. Once again, I've included some pictures and captions relating to those figures that particularly interest me, further information and pictures are available at the TG website, readily accessible by clicking the following link: Quartermaster Stores

First up, a couple of Americans looking for the enemy during the invasion of Normandy

The second part to our very successful House Party Part 1, features 2 more US Paratroopers wearing the uniform of the 101st AB in the A version and the 82nd AB Pathfinders in the B version. Figure 1 prepares to launch himself through the door after the grenade has been thrown through into the suspect bunker. More by luck than design this figure also looks great when placed with the wounded figure from SS021 medical set or the dead FJ from FJ007. The second figure in the set reaches behind to retrieve his bayonet from his scabbard, ready for the inevitable close combat about to follow. A very flexible set when combined with ATW003 or on its own. Limited to 150 sets in each version, available now

Next up, the latest Gunn Club figure. This prone German officer has a rather unfortunate name!

Our latest Gunn Club figure features a German officer with a rather unusual surname! Karl F*cker was an officer with SS Battalion 600. He saw service throughout the war and only died in 1999. We have sculpted Karl in the prone position looking through his binoculars, spotting for the PAK36 crew. Karl comes armed with an MP43/44 and is also wearing captured US army goggles on top of his helmet. A very useful item when riding pillion on an open top Krupp truck or a motorcycle. The Panzerfaust shown is also included with this set although it’s been hidden under layers of foam inside the packing box, look under the MP43/44 piece of foam and it should be there! More German troops later in the year with even more unusual names! Limited to 150 of each version

The PAK36 referred to in the above caption is shown next and comes, once again, in two colour schemes

SS 036 A/B PAK 36: Sorry this set really should have had an FJ serial number but in all the excitement I got carried away and gave these guys an SS serial number! Features 2 SS FJ’s manning a PAK 36 in the winter of 1944 for the A version and the B version suitable for Spring 1945. The original PAK 36 had quickly become obsolete soon after WW2 commenced; however with various improvements it saw service throughout the war

One of these enhancements was the ability to fire a Stielgranate rocket propelled anti tank round. Although very effective against all Allied armour, it had to be reloaded by one of the crew crawling round to the front to place a new round into the barrel. Not a job I personally would have volunteered for! One figure looks safely on behind the gun shield whilst his number 2 reloads the PAK. Comes with a couple of spare rifles for the crew members, one 37mm conventional ammo case and a spare Stielgranate round. Please note the factory have ‘hidden’ the spare rifles under various layers of foam. When you receive your box you will need to be very thorough in retrieving all items! Limited to 150 pieces in each version

Last up, a couple of mountain infantry grunts who would look very nice edging their way forward into contact alongside the newly released Hetzer self propelled gun!

Two more great looking SS Gebirgsjager mountain troops, great as a superb accompaniment for GEB002 or on their own. Figure one fires his MP43/44 at the enemy whilst figure two, armed with a captured Russian PPS42, advances somewhat more cautiously. Limited to 150 of each set and available now

That's all folks! Happy hunting!

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