Saturday, 2 June 2012

King and Country Dispatches

Saturday June 2nd 2012 and here in England, or should I say the UK, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are in full swing. It's also that time of the month again when I bring you news of the latest releases and retirements from K&C, this time in a new abridged format

I've elected to show a handful of items, namely those that interest me. Details and pictures of everything else are available, as always, from the manufacturer's website which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Dispatches

So, here goes. First up, a rather fetching 'one off' piece depicting the 'Big Three' posing for photos at the Yalta Conference

In early 1945 American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill journeyed to the Crimean resort of Yalta to meet Soviet Russia's Joseph Stalin. Together these three men decided on the final progress of the war against Hitler's Third Reich and their own plans for post war Germany and the rest of Europe

DD106 "The Big three"
The three seated leaders make a strong contrast in style... Churchill, in his Royal Air Force uniform ebullient and confident... Marshal Stalin, quiet and brooding in his Red Army uniform and... Roosevelt, the sole "civilian" but wearing a U.S. Navy boat cloak.
This great little set commemorates the last time all three of these Allied leaders were to meet... Within a few months Roosevelt would die... Churchill would be voted out of office... Only "Uncle Joe" would remain!

Next up, some refugees from the Fields of Battle series which would add a little civilian character to any number of WW2 themed dioramas

FOB067 "Mother & Daughter"
A mother and daughter glance nervously upwards at the sound of approaching aircraft... A scene that could be France in the summer of 1940... Britain during the Blitz of 1941... or even Germany from 1942 onwards. Another mini tableau of civilians caught in wartime

FOB068 "Old Man & Wheel Barrow"
A companion piece to the previous set... pushing a few meager belongings all this man seeks is peace and safety

Equally full of character is this newspaper seller, one of three due for release in July, each with a different headline from different stages in the conflict

"Read All About It!"
Three individual versions of the same figure... Carrying newspaper banners telling three different stories...

Last month I featured a picture or two of the new Normandy garage now available. You will soon be able to add these lovely looking fuel pumps to the scene turning it into a fully functioning fuel stop for Hitler's panzers!!

Talking of panzers, strictly speaking this soon to be released vehicle isn't one, but it would certainly need petrol just the same

As you can see from the above picture it will be available in a winterised version as well. This version of the Sd. Kfz 234/1 eight-wheel armoured car is perfect for operations in France, Belgium, Holland... or even the Eastern Front

WS197 "Sd. Kfz 234/1"Schwerer Panzerspahwagen
That's quite a mouthful in anyone's language. This Wehrmacht version of the eight-wheeler is in typical late-war three colour camouflage, armed with both an MG42 machine gun and a 20mm cannon it comes complete with a seated, full-body vehicle commander

Last, but by no means least, a list of all the retirements. Nothing here for me this month, but maybe something there for you. Happy hunting!

AF003 “Captain Brett Cutler”
AF004 “Air Force MPs”
AF005 “Crew Chief”
FOB020 “German Kubelwagen Car”
FOB041 “Stretcher Party”
HK150(G/M) “The New Mahjong Set” (Gloss/Matt)
LAH046 “SA Man Marching”
LAH047 “SA Standard Bearer”
LAH048 “SA Officer Marching”
LAH057 “Dr. Goebbels”
LAH088 “Reichminister Rudolf Hess”
LAH091 “Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring”
LAH095 “Marching Officer”
LAH096 “Admiral Karl Donitz”
LW026 “Luftwaffe Field Division, Searchlight”
LW027 “Luftwaffe Field Division, Spotter”
MK074 “Crusader Tent 2”
MK075 “Crusader Tent 3”
RAF008 “RAF Ground Crew Set”
RAF018 “WAAF Officer Pointing”
        RAF019 “WAAF Sergeant”

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