Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Collectors Showcase: New Germans

Hi there. A very brief post to draw your attention to a few new German figure sets from TCS. More information and images can be found by clicking on the following link and viewing the company website

First up, two new vehicles, the first of which I have a funny feeling I've already featured recently but hey, it's rather lovely and certainly deserving of a second mention

The CS version of the Hetzer, not to be confused with the Thomas Gunn version of the same vehicle which has also been released within the past few weeks

The CS version also comes with the customary thrown track and removable Schurzen armour panels

Next up, a group of three German gunners designed to be used with the recently released Pak AT gun and celebrating a 'direct hit' against the enemy. What a cracking little diorama piece that would make

Last up, a ready made diorama facade to add to their expanding Berlin '38 range, together with several figures to be placed in front of it, and very nice they look, too!

LAH Wilhemstrasse

LAH SS Helferinen

LAH Bruckner

LAH Luftwaffe Helferinen

LAH Dr. Ley


All the above will eventually be available from Maison Militaire in the UK and further information is available on the CS website. Happy hunting!

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