Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thomas Gunn Update

It only seems like yesterday when I was penning the last of my posts bringing you all news of Thomas Gunn's latest releases. Well, I make no apologies for bringing you more now. Here is a quick summary of what landed in my inbox just the other day. As ever, more images and information is available by following the link to the company website 
Dear Gunn Club
This month sees a reduced release as the factory had a production glitch on the sculpting side, which has had a knock on effect for June's production. Not only that but the factory also seemed to have gotten carried away with Napoleonics this month and quite simply forgot to put other products into the pipeline! So for the Napoleonic fans there's a nice selection this month, everybody else will get something next month I am afraid!

It’s been an open secret we have been looking at doing the 95th Rifles for a while and here they are; 10 figures in total with the first 7 being released this month. There are 2 versions of this famous fighting regiment as always. The 1st Battalion in more formal green wear and hard hats and the ‘scruffy’ 3rd Battalion! Both Battalions were at Waterloo, the 3rd had not long disembarked from Spain and had not yet been issued new uniforms. We have shown the 3rd wearing a mixture of dress including ‘Portuguese brown’ trousers and soft hats. You have the option to therefore display the 3rd as a Waterloo or a Peninsular unit for your dioramas

There is also a single WW2 release, but he’s extremely limited and only a few dealers will receive this figure!

Each of the seven Napoleonic figures being released this month is available in both versions and will retail at £22.08. Here are a couple of picture to whet your appetite
The first seven figures representing the smartly attired 1st Battalion followed by a couple of chaps from the 'scruffier' 3rd!

WW2 fans might be feeling a little bit left out but there's really no need. The figure pictured below, complete with an accompanying explanatory caption, may be in short supply but early in July TG will be releasing a splendid looking new vehicle which is already on my own wants list! Take a look and see if you share my lustful desires!
Winter Tank Rider. We made 50 of the tank rider from SOV001 in a winter version with white trousers and gloves. A great figure that can be used as a tank rider or in the prone ambush position. We had planned to offer these as a Gunn Club special but have now sent all of these on to our dealers, who were sent SOV001 last month with the tank rider figure missing as an apology. If you are after one of these figures I suggest that you contact your dealer and see if he has any for sale
SS039 Puma
The SdKfz 234/2 Puma was an 8 wheeled armoured car issued in 1944 to certain elite German units. Armed with a 5cm cannon and a top speed of  50 MPH this beautiful looking armoured car was capable of taking on any Allied light or medium tank if challenged. A total of 150 vehicles will be produced in the above BOB winter colour scheme together with a further 150 in the Normandy summer colour scheme shown below

The model will bear the markings of the 1st SS Panzer Division [Liebstandarte] and retail at $139

What a beauty she looks!
That about wraps it up for another TG update so it only remains for me to wish you all good fortune in your efforts to add some of these lovely models to your collections. Happy hunting!

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