Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yet More from TGM!

If you're new to this blog, I promise you it's never usually quite so one-dimensional but it just so happens that yesterday, yet more news from TGM landed in my inbox and I feel duty bound to pass it on, so here goes

Dear Gunn Club
Our 95th Rifles arrived on Wednesday and are being shipped as I type, thank you to all of you who placed an order for these 'Best of British' fighting troops! 
As we develop our Napoleonic ranges we would be very interested in hearing from you, with particular regard to which Regiments you would like to see manufactured. So if you are a Napoleonic collector please drop me an email with your ideas and requests, if you don't tell us we cannot make it!
Our Anniversary set this year has now gone to production, but has been derailed timetable wise. You can expect to see this piece early September and for the first time it will not be an MG piece! What I can tell you is that it will feature a Knights Cross winner in action and will be part of a 3 man set. It will be 70 years since this particular recipient won the Knights Cross and therefore we thought this would be a suitable tribute to his bravery. If anybody has any ideas for the 2013 anniversary piece please send them in and if we choose your idea you will win a free sample of the anniversary piece when we produce it! It can be from any particular era and any nationality but needs to tie in with 2013 somehow, for example 1943 will be the 70th anniversary for such and such an event etc. 
August will see us taking a break from production due to various office and home moves, the only pieces likely to be released will be 4 x WW1 German infantry pieces. These have now shipped and are on the way to the UK! [Hmmm. Very much looking forward to seeing those. ed]
Last but not least I have attached pictures of 2 of our 4 new US Paratroopers out next month. So far as I can see they are historically accurate for Normandy with correct colour uniform, no Stars and Stripes flag for the 101st version and raring to go into action! As much as I hate to say this please do not send in pre-orders just yet, until the official release announcement in July. It just confuses poor Helen in the back office as these figures are only part sets, best really to see if you like the whole thing first before you order! As you can see we have made another Mohican warrior to compliment ATW001, surely one of the coolest looks out there for the all American warrior?!!!
Kind Regards
Vicki Lucas
Marketing Manager TGM
Here are the above mentioned pictures

As always, happy hunting!

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