Wednesday, 11 July 2012

King and Country: Dispatches

I know it's relatively late in the month and this news is, I suppose, technically 'old' now but here is a selection of some of the figure sets soon to be released by K&C together with a list of all the retirements for this month. As always, further details and more images can be obtained from the company website

All of the figures previewed in last month's post are now available for purchase, or they will be by the end of the month, and in addition K&C have announced all the following, due to be released in August. First up, these chaps! My particular favourite? The chap on the horse, of course!

Fighting Greeks

The success of the "Ancient Greece" series ensures plenty of add-ons. Here are just a few of the...
More "Fighting Greeks" are in the pipeline as well as their opponents... The Persians! Watch out for them.


Next up, and sticking with soldiers from quite a long time ago, a few more crusading knights and their men-at-arms on the march!

Crusaders on the March

After a successful foray into a nearby Arab village these crusaders are returning to their encampment.

From fighting in the hot and dusty desert sand we now turn our attention to skirmishes in the skies over Western Europe with two more additions to their series of WW1 planes followed by a whole heap of releases for their popular WW2 RAF range


Knights of the Black Cross

Last year when we released our first three Albatros bi planes the demand far out stripped the supply and so we decided to produce two more versions of this iconic German WWI aircraft.  Unlike the first three these two new models include a seated pilot figure and are cast from a brand new mold.
  • FW114 -- Albatross DV Uffz. Paul Baumer - This brightly-coloured machine is decorated with the "Edelweiss" mountain flower on both sides of the fuselage. Baumer flew this aircraft with Jagdstaffel 5, in June 1917 and by war's end in November 1918 had scored 43 victories and been awarded the coveted "Blue Max". He died in an air crash in 1927.
  • FW115 -- Albatross DV Leut. Ernest Udet Jasta 37 - Ernst Udet, later to become a General in Hitler's Luftwaffe and a flying contemporary of Hermaun Goering, flew this smart silver-coloured Albatros while flying with Jasta 37 in the Autumn of 1917. By the end of hostilities his tally would be 62 "kills". Although promoted to General in World War Two his conflicts with the Nazi hierarchy drove him to commit suicide in 1941.


"Through adversity to the stars" is the motto of Britain's Royal Air Force and August is a bumper month for RAF releases.

RAF Airfield tractor complete with WRAF driver!

RAF Dispatch rider

That very nearly does it but before I go here is a list of all the retirements for the month of July

AK064 “Leutnant Hans-Arnold Stachlschmidt”
AK065 “Leutnant Gunter Steinhausen”
AK066 “Dispatch Rider”
AK067 “AK Rifleman in Greatcoat Marching”
AK068 “AK Rifleman in Greatcoat on Guard Duty”
AK069 “AK Rifleman in Greatcoat Marching”
AK070 “AK Feldwhel Marching”
BBA032 “Artillery Add-on Set”
BBA033 “US Artilleryman”
BBA034 “Kneeling w/Field Telephone”
EA044 “Desert Rolls-Royce”
FOB060 “Winning the Knight’s Cross”
FOB061 “For You Fritz The war is over!”
FW071 “Auf Wiedersen”
FW072 “Au Revoir”
FW073 “Goodbyeee”
MK065 “Mounted with Sword”
MK069 “Standing Man at Arms”
MK070 “Dressing For Battle”
NA014 “French Grenadier Marching with Rifle”
NA015 “French Grenadier Advancing with Rifle”
        NA034 “Grenadier at Attention”
Until next time, happy hunting!

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