Friday, 13 July 2012

First Legion: Workbench Update

I don't know about you but I'm having quite a lot of trouble keeping up with the volume of new figures rolling off this maker's production line and, as if things weren't difficult enough already, if you take a look at the Workbench page on their website you will see prototypes for no less than three new ranges or sub-ranges being officially announced this month

We have long been asked when we would expand our WWII range to cover the campaign in NW Europe and we are pleased to announce that the time has finally come. And what better way to kick off the "Great Crusade" than with those who were among the first to land in France to begin the liberation of Europe, the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army. So we are very pleased to present this preview of our upcoming US Paratroopers! These figures will be available for order in July 2012.  We sincerely hope you enjoy them and welcome this addition to our ever expanding World War II figure range

First Legion is very pleased to announce that our latest figure will be the Seven Years War! Fought from 1756 through 1763, the war involved most of the major world powers and was fought not only in Europe, but throughout their various colonial holdings around the world.  Though our intent with the range is to cover the European part of the conflict in detail, we have decided to start off with the Battle of Kunersdorf fought on August 12th 1759 between the Prussians and a combined Austro-Russian Army 

Kunersdorf was by far Frederick's worst defeat and in fact was the biggest fiasco of Prussian Military arms until their dismemberment at the hands of Napoleon's Grande Armee in 1806 at the twin battles of Jena-Auerstadt. It may seem strange to cover the greatest defeat of Frederick the Great, certainly the finest military mind of the age, but we feel that the battle offers a variety of interesting troops, attacks and counterattacks, and cavalry charges by both sides   

Our initial launch for the range is the 7th Prussian Line Infantry Regiment Braunschweig-Bevern presented in march attack formation. Seydlitz and the Prussian Cuirassiers will certainly make an appearance as will various Austrian and Russian infantry, cavalry, and artillery units as well. The figures previewed below will be available for pre-order in July 2012

Finally, but by no means least, a new medieval range focussing on the long enduring rivalry between England and France

First Legion is extremely pleased to officially announce our latest figure range, 60mm Medieval with an initial focus on the Battle of Agincourt! Part of the Hundred Years' War, The Battle of Agincourt took place in 1415 and saw a numerically inferior English army under King Henry V defeat the French under the command of Charles D'Albret  

The battle is best known for the role played by the English Long Bow with which the vast majority of the English were armed. As such, though we're launching the range with various personalities, knights, and men-at-arms, expect lots and lots of English archers to come 

As with all of our ranges, we will cover Agincourt in extreme depth and already have nearly 40 figures ready to be produced. With the superlative sculpting and painting that we've become renown for, this promises to be a truly spectacular figure range!

Happy hunting!!!!!

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